Humanity's Team Programs

Join Humanity's Team in Awakening the World to Oneness

There are many ways to do this... Take the initiative personally... or as part of a group.  There are different activities you can participate in to provide inspiration and support on your Journey of Awakening.

Inner Journey

An Inner Journey begins with building your own awareness, which is the basis for transforming your whole life. You can achieve this through self study, individual spiritual practices such as meditation, or by attending one of our groups or events, which promote your inner work.  This program is lead by Inner Journey coordinator Maria Ribeiro Ferreira (also our country coordinator for Portugal).

Our purpose is to invite people get in touch with the concepts of New Spirituality, become aware, and apply them on a daily basis. It all starts with “changes within” - as Neale Donald Walsch says “If you don’t go within, you go without”. This awareness expands to the circle of people whose lives we touch, and moves out like a domino. Inner work is not only the basis to transform our own lives but also the collective.  We can do this through self study and do our inner work alone, in groups, or both.

•    Participate in Quarterly Inner Journey free calls
•    Do your individual study - book recommendations
•    Start individual spiritual practices
•    Join/start New Spirituality Study Groups
•    Take Training for group facilitators

The possibilities are endless.  Be as creative as you like with Oneness…plant trees, clean up highways, read to the elderly, read to children, do drumming circles, etc.  We are open to what works best in your community…

Within the Inner Journey program is also the Evening Luminaies Series led by Dr. Rev. Nancy Ash.  Evening Luminaries stirs your heart, re-calibrating radiance for the sake of all. We gather in moonlight several times a year with inspiring guests sharing heroic inner journeys, profound insights and transformational tools. Join a heart-centered conversation through a kaleidoscopic lens of Oneness. In these stirring community-calls, we explore empowering Divine strategies to transform and sustain a vibrant life.    Our loving hearts are infused by grace of the truth—Oneness.

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“Sacred Activism is the fusion of the two noblest fires of the human heart; the fire of the mystic’s passion for God with the fire of the activist’s passion for justice. It embraces all religions and all spiritual paths to celebrate the essential Oneness of divine reality and work with the mother force of love and wisdom in action to create a healed, just, luminous, compassionate one- world. I believe it to be nothing less than the birthing force of the one divine and so the key, not only to human survival but to our necessary evolutionary transformation.” ~ Andrew Harvey

Once people have begun the journey on their own personal life transformation, they become catalysts to help others to discover their journeys. Not only do they inspire others by setting an example, they also can, and frequently do, heal the different social, political and economical sectors through Sacred Activism.

•    Participate in Global Oneness Day on October 24, 2015
•    Sign the Oneness Declaration
•    Send a Blessing e-Card to family and friends and teammates
•    Send a Blessing Email to global leaders in media, politics, education and religion/spirituality.

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