Colorado Front Range

Humanity’s Team Dinner Meetings

Contact person : nannette.kennedy [at] humanitysteam [dot] org – Colorado USA

The event consists of inviting people to have dinner in a restaurant, and at the same time listen to a lecture of a qualified spiritual speaker.

Below is the description of how the dinner meetings in Colorado work. Obviously there are several different methods this kind of gathering can be done. This is how we got started here in Colorado.

What you need:

1. Interest

a. Talk to friends and/or existing groups of like mind and gauge interest in such meetings

b. Explain the general idea

i. Once a month dinner meeting with featured inspirational speaker

ii. Each guest pays for their own meal & gratuity

iii. After you have generated interest in the idea begin to plan for first dinner

2. A Restaurant

a. Visit several different restaurants with private rooms

i. Questions to ask

1. Is the room quiet—away from other diners/kitchen

2. How many people does the room accommodate

3. Do you charge for the room

4. Will you accommodate separate checks

5. Do you prefer a limited menu or can the group order from regular menu

6. Is gratuity included

7. Can you have the room for approximately 3 hours

8. Can the servers/waiters quietly take and deliver the orders as the meeting will be in progress

9. What nights are available for monthly meetings

ii. After selecting the location and before reserving the location, begin the search for featured speakers

3. Finding qualified speakers

a. As a starting point, with the friends and/or existing groups of like mind ask for ideas for speakers

b. Guidelines for qualified speakers—potential speakers should have one or more of the following:

i. an area of spiritual expertise

ii. be an author of spiritual book which you have read

iii. host a spiritually driven radio show

iv. be a speaker who has a following who talks about a specific spiritual topic (with experience—generally speaking this is not a starting place for someone who is just beginning, although it can be if you feel this person has something unique to add to the group)

1. Money & Spirituality

2. Grief

3. Awakening the Spirit

4. Promoters of Spiritual Speakers (We had a well known woman from Colorado who puts on a series every year of notables such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, etc.) Their stories can be very uplifting and inspiring

5. Like minded spiritual leaders in the community

c. Start making phone calls and setting up dates for your speakers

i. In Colorado this is a once a month gathering

ii. Try to have at least two or three speakers lined up so that at your gathering you can announce who the next speaker will be

4. Publicizing your gathering


b. Craig’s list (another website that announces meetings via the Internet)

c. Your own mailing list/email blasts or newsletters

d. Local publications

i. Example of one of our announcements from our local newsletter:

Donna Viscoky to speak at Colorado Humanity's Team Monthly Dinner
Spirituality in the 21st Century
Tuesday February 24

What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?

If you could do anything you wanted, be anything you wanted, what would that be?

Donna Visocky, founder of BellaSpark Productions describes her journey to finding the path she was meant to follow and through personal stories and examples shares the things she has learned along the way. Whether you have been inspired to make a change or change has been forced upon you, this can be a time of great exhilaration.

BellaSpark Productions is one of the top metaphysical and consciousness-raising organizations in the US. BellaSpark was named after Donna's daughter Kristi who died in an automobile accident in 2003. Kristi was a beautiful spark and was passionate about creating change. It was her passing that propelled Donna on this soul journey.

BellaSpark's mission is to be a catalyst; to stimulate, inspire and embolden individuals and communities in their growing spiritual awareness by providing access to consciousness raising ideas, people and information. The BellaSpark umbrella includes the Evenings with Extraordinary People Series and Healing Path Magazine.

Event Info

Tuesday February 24, 2009
6:30-8:30 pm
Olive Garden
2685 Pearl St
Boulder CO

Seating is limited, please RSVP by replying to this email.
Type " RSVP Monthly Dinner" in the subject line.
*Each guest is responsible for paying for their meal.

5. Format of the Evening

a. Set time for start

b. Host should arrive early to set up room

i. Place HT flyers at each place setting

ii. Place business cards/contact information at each place setting

iii. Supply blank name tags

iv. Display any posters applicable for gathering

v. Bring Oneness Petition

vi. Bumper stickers

vii. Photos of HT past activities

viii. Bring sign-up sheet to increase your mailing list

1. Names

2. Phone numbers

3. Email addresses

4. Interested in volunteering for HT

c. Allow for 15 minutes of informal talking amongst guests

d. Have a prompt start time and announce to look at the menu

e. Order meals at specific time

f. As soon as orders are taken, host begins to speak (15-25 minutes) about Humanity’s Team (we have someone every month who does an opening five minute meditation before this part—see what works for you)

i. Send around sign-up sheet

ii. Explain Oneness Petition and invite to sign

iii. Tell about current activities and invite all to go to website and become a teammate

iv. Make announcement about next meeting and speaker

v. Introduce the speaker for the evening

1. Allow 30-45 minutes for speaker which should include question and answer period

vi. After speaker finishes, host thanks everyone for coming and invites all to stay to meet one another for a short while (we usually end up staying for about a half hour after the speaker is finished.

1. Remind everyone about the next meeting

6. Go home and be happy about the success of your meeting.