Humanity’s Team started as a vision of a world free of oppressive beliefs about God, life and each other so that we can truly experience unity and oneness. It has since evolved into an active, coordinated movement, with uniform and unifying programs worldwide that allow for community and cultural differences.

Its first general meeting, in June 2003, attracted nearly 1,000 people from six continents around the world to a three-day conference at a retreat center near Portland, Oregon.

Initially coordinated and overseen by the ReCreation Foundation, also known as the Conversations with God Foundation, the movement grew and became a separate nonprofit organization in 2004.

The movement now supports grassroots initiatives to global campaigns and events.

Events found around the world include weekly Celebration of Life gatherings and New Spirituality circles and regular seminars, retreats and conferences. Current global campaigns and events include a World Oneness campaign and an Around the World in Oneness tour.

The movement also distributes free daily inspirational e-mail messages through its New Spirituality Network.