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Unleash your Potential - Be a Spiritual Activist

Be a Spiritual ActivistNo doubt - this is the most extraordinary time to be alive in the history of our planet. No doubt - the call for a new Earth, a New World, a New Way to be Human, a New Spirituality, is getting more and more urgent and vocal; more than it has in a long time. Many respected spiritual leaders believe that if urgent changes do not take place now, our long term future may not be assured. In Part of the Change, Neale Donald Walsch says: "Life as we once knew it no longer "is" on our earth. And life as we will know it ‘is' not yet. So we are living the In Between Time-what social scientist Jean Houston calls ‘the time of the parenthesis.' We are no longer one thing, and we are not yet the other. This is the most wonderful and exciting time to be alive; it is Time of Pure Creation. There is no other time like it, and such a time comes along only once every several hundred years."

"In fact, it would be argued without much refutation that the kinds of changes we are going through now come along only once every several thousand years. And, to be totally accurate, we have never had a time like this on the earth-because the changes we are now about to make could not have been made before. We are entering not only a new era, but a new experience; one never before known by our species. This is the Time of the Enlightenment. There are glories awaiting. Glories we could not even have dreamt of just a few decades ago."

Right now, humanity is creating the changes that will be lived by those who come after us. Therefore, the question before us now is not whether there will indeed be a massive change, but what will the nature of this change be and what role will we play in bringing it about? The dizzying speed at which new realities and physical constructions are now being brought about forces us to decide individually and as a species Who we Are and also Who we Choose to Be. A large number of people have come to know the source and the solution to humanity's problems. The time has come for us to align and to announce this and ourselves to one another and to the world.

Many people ask: "What can I do? I want the whole world to get the message of love and Oneness. I want to be part of the change."

It is for this reason that Humanity's Team is creating a space on our global website where participation is only a "point-and-click" away. We are making it possible for people from all walks of life and all parts of the world to stir up the energy, to demonstrate, participate... to show up and announce themselves, to stand up and to be counted. We are making it possible for more and more people to be on the team, Humanity's Team.

Humanity's Team is excited to unleash the power of individual Teammates all over the world, through the use of their thoughts, prayers and meditations, integrated with new Spiritual Activism tools that we are rolling out, making participation possible from the comfort of our homes, offices, coffee shops and internet cafés, etc.

The first in our series of tools is a set of Blessing emails addressed to political leaders, educators, spiritual leaders, journalists/presenters and to the individual, as a means of communicating and engaging with important decision makers and to respond to daily social issues from a perspective of Oneness. Please be on the lookout for these by visiting our website and please feel free to bless the world lavishly. Do it now.

Bless You
Anna-Mari Pieterse
Global Oneness Projects

Oneness Survey

We are All One

Hi One and All,

As part of the "Awakening to Oneness" outreach we (Siv Tapper, Country Coordinator, Sweden and John David Kirby, Country Coordinator, UK) are creating a handbook to help spread the message. It is targeted to people who are open to the idea and wish to know more about what oneness is. We intend to explain how coming from an oneness perspective can impact all areas of our lives including family, friendships, relationships at work and so on.

In this process we discovered that we need your views. So we have created a survey with questions that will help to guide us through the work with this booklet. We hope you will share it with your teammates all over the world.

The survey is designed to discover what oneness means to you and how you experience oneness. Please take a few minutes to write down your thoughts and email it back to htsurvey [at] gmail [dot] com (htsurvey at gmail dot com). The more replies we get the better so we would encourage you to send it out to all your teammates. As well as forwarding the replies to us (translated into English if possible) you may wish to use this as a way to increase interest in oneness in your countries and publish comments in your local HT forums, newsletters and websites.

We will save all replies and the intention is that any not used in the booklet will be used in something else closely related to it.

Siv and I are really excited about spreading the "we are all one" message in this way. Its success depends on the contributions we receive and we would love to hear any other ideas you have for the book. Thanks for taking the time to send us your views and "Being the Change!"

Please try to have your questionnaires returned to us by mid - June!

One Love,
John David Kirby & Siv Tapper

Questions for "Awakening to Oneness" Booklet

1. What is it that first made you believe in Oneness (or consider Oneness a possibility)? Describe your personal experience(s) of oneness.

2. What aspects of Oneness are you most passionate about, and why?

3. What is the most significant change, in your opinion, that would result if the majority of humanity believed in Oneness?
(You may wish to consider answering this question in relation to the 12 themes: Arts, Nature, Relationships, Business, Science, Media, Politics, Education, Spirituality, Health, Social Welfare & the Earth's natural resources)

4. What would help you to experience Oneness in everyday life?

5. How do you envision Humanity's Team being a part of enlarging Oneness in the world?

6. Imagine you are genie (magician) and have 3 wishes. What 3 changes do you most want to see in the world? How might a belief in oneness help to accelerate the manifestation of these changes?

7. Oneness is a concept that many people may find difficult to understand. What, in your view, is the easiest way of putting this eternal truth across to the most people?

8. How may a belief in oneness assist you in overcoming cultural differences?

A Message to the Pope

Steve FarrellHumanity's Team Worldwide Coordinating Director Steve Farrell released an urgent message to Pope Benedict XVI during his recent visit to the United States.

Please view and share it widely!

A Message for Pope Benedict

You may know that the pope made an assertion last July that the Catholic Church was the only true church (see link at bottom). Steve said in the video that the pope would serve humanity best if he now declared no path to God was better than any other; that all paths lead to God.

Claiming one faith or tradition is better or truer than another not only goes against the concept of an unconditionally loving God, Steve said on behalf of Humanity's Team -- it also leads to judgmental division, which is the root cause of the world's discord and violent conflict.

Steve called on the pope to prayerfully reconsider his statements and take a leadership role in reaching out to people of all spiritual and cultural understandings in a spirit of Oneness.

While you're on YouTube, please also check out and share two other videos Humanity's Team posted in the past couple of weeks:

One features Steve talking at a public event about key Humanity's Team Oneness initiatives.

Steve Farrell at Naropa University

The other shows Humanity's Team leaders from around the globe expressing what Humanity's Team means to them.

"For Me, Humanity's Team Is ..."

If you're inspired by the videos and their messages of love, we encourage you to support the Humanity's Team Action Fund so our educational outreach and spiritual activism around the world can grow!

God bless you!

Humanity's Team

Pope Benedict's July 10, 2007, Declaration

Love Tour 2008
HT Love Tour 2008 kick-off in Atlanta, Georgia on June 1, 2008

We Are All One - Let's Practice.

"We have committed to 2 months on the road to direct attention to love as a guiding principle for our lives," says Ejvind Jacobsen, Denmark Country Coordinator and planning teammate for Love Tour 2008.

Martin Buehler from Switzerland adds,"The Grassroots did it again! Once more a Love Tour is a reality with help from all of you, that support the idea of spreading love."

The idea of a Love Tour was initially birthed at a meeting for Humanity's Team and friends in Berlin, Germany in 2006. During the summer of 2007 the first Love Tour toured Europe to spread awareness and love. The aim was to express and experience love in all it's many forms. We did so by hugging, singing, dancing, laughing and celebrating life in all ways of which we could think. Read about the first Love Tour here:

While planning the first Love Tour, the grassroots came up with the idea of making a bigger, longer and even more impactful tour. The only place to make it bigger and better is the USA; so the resolve was to start working for a tour around the United States of America.

"At the Humanity's Team Global Counil Meeting in Portugal last year, the intention was made to create a Love Tour to stretch across USA during the summer of 2008. The planning is coming to a conclusion, and is now becoming a reality," says Nancy Seymour, Coordinator for the World's Regions, from Atlanta, Georgia.

Nancy continues, "HT Love Tour 2008 will start in Atlanta, Georgia, and move through the south to California, and then make its way up north to Canada. Then the tour will make its way back to Atlanta with multiple stops along the way." See more details here

The main events will be held in cities where Humanity's Teammates have volunteered to help in planning, arranging and executing a day of celebration. There will be hugging, laughing, angel showers, singing, dancing and other activities in which to participate. The purpose of the activities is to show and encourage the practice of a loving way of life. We can all help change the world by changing our own behaviour.

To the question: "Why are you doing this?" Ejvind says, "Since the tour is about all of US, we want to connect with as many people along the way as posssible, to show and share what love can accomplish, and how we practice and demonstrate it."

"We live from our hearts, and we want to show people it can be done," adds Marketa Potmesilova, Country Co-Coordinator from Czech Republic.

Interested in participating? Please contact any of the people that are responsible for a stop at HT Love tour Stops, and click on the stop closest to you - then click on the name of the contact person. If you feel more like you want to invite the participants home for a meal and a chat, please feel free to write an email to ejvind [at] humanitysteam [dot] dk.

"The love tour will come to a square near you! If not, then invite us," finishes Martin Buehler from Switzerland.

Donations are accepted graciously both before and during the tour. Support the Love Tour here:

Any donations that are being sent to us through Donations for love tour are TAX deductible and as such you can have it both ways: Support a great cause, and save some money on your taxes. All donations are accepted with gratitude, and if you want to be recognized for your donation, we will put you on the donations webpage.

Thank you for being the change you wish to see in the world.

The Planning Team - Nancy Seymour, Martin Buehler, Ejvind Jacobsen

We're Almost to the Summit!

May is here and that means the global “Oneness Summit” in Buenos Aires. Hosted by Humanity's Team, this event will take place on May 24 & 25, and people from Canada, The Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy, South Africa, the United States and other countries have registered to attend. Don’t miss this opportunity to join with others around the world in “being the change we wish to see.” There is still time to register to take part in this celebration of Oneness! Go to for more information.

Speakers will include Steve Farrell, Humanity's Team's Worldwide Coordinating Director and Ciro Gabriel Avruj, HT Country Coordinator for Argentina. Neale Donald Walsh, author of the internationally acclaimed "Conversations with God" books and Humanity's Team's founder, will participate via live video link. Neale is very excited to be participating in this special event

Other invited speakers include Timothy Freke from the United Kingdom, Dr. Colleen-Joy Page from South Africa, Amsterdam-born Robert Happé, Rabbi Sergio Bergman, The Council of Peace Commission of the Civic Society Consultative Council of the Argentinean Foreign Ministry and others.

For the duration of the Summit, Argentina's energetic and motivated Humanity's Team members will host a dialogue for the entire planet, focusing on Oneness and the New Spirituality. Increasingly, Oneness is being seen as the BIG IDEA that changes everything on our planet. It creates a whole new sense of Self, loving and joyful relationship with others, real community and a compassionate and sustainable world. Take this opportunity to spend an amazing weekend with inspired speakers, authors, mystics, intuitives, spiritual activists, religious transformers, filmmakers, and fellow teammates.

Humanity's Team is known as the Civil Rights Movement for the Soul and focuses on “Awakening the World to Oneness.” Humanity’s Team global outreach is creating a “New thought, New word, New deed and New world.” Come join the global conversation focusing on Oneness and ways you can become involved in the exciting work that is shifting our global consciousness and connecting our hands and hearts around the world.

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