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Creating Miracles

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Make a list of your desires; focus on feeling the nature of this in your life. See it, feel it, be grateful for it appearing; celebrate with gratitude this focused desire coming into your life in the most amazing and synchronistic manner. In addition, be prepared to acknowledge yourself as you own your ability by claiming and using this universal law of creating miracles.

We are honored to share these words with you. We delight in your expanded consciousness and your ability to truly transform your reality. We know that you will expand this ability to create these miracles in the larger arena of global events.

You will gather with many others who know this truth and use these focused intentions and emotional vibrations to transform your world.

~ Label it a Miracle by Peggy Black and the “team”

The Essence of Love

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Our form is One but our essence is Love.  On some level we are all aware of this.

Many share of an emerging ‘new cultural story’.  It is a cultural story that is based on this, the expression of love -- God’s Love -- and because we are all One, it is also our Love.  In this New Year let’s be on the lookout for ways we can express love that is valuable for others.  It might feel awkward at first so push through the awkwardness.  A sublime feeling will come from this that is its own reward.

~ Steve Farrell

One Religion

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I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church.  For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit.

~Kahlil Gibran

Ring the Bell

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The name of your movie isn’t Waiting for Enlightenment. The name of your movie is more like: Ringing the Bell of Enlightenment.

You are the one to ring the bell. You are the Bell Ringer of Your Own Enlightenment, and yet you wait for a signal when you are the one to signal that your light has come. You are the fulfiller of your own dreams.

Now -- don’t wait -- ring the bell and ring it loud and clear!

HeavenLetters (TM) (last sentence added by Steve Farrell).

God's Goodness

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Now, during the Holy Season and for that matter year round, let's forgive ourselves of any past mistakes and focus only on God's Goodness in ourselves, in our family, in our neighbor and even those who dislike and persecute us.  In truth, we are all created in Godliness and Goodness and the sooner we see this, the sooner we will manifest it in its fullness.

Steve Farrell

Don't Quit...

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What is the most common factor in success? Is it intelligence, talent, a ready supply of money, charisma, a powerful network, or just plain luck? Although each of these may play a role, perhaps the most pervasive ingredient in the success of those who have created their own fortunes is persistence. A large percentage of self-made millionaires and billionaires have also suffered massive failures. Many have gone bankrupt with ventures. Often they are ridiculed for their ideas and are told by many that making their idea a reality is impossible.

Most people tend to quit when faced with this kind of rational opposition, from family, friends, and experts. However, those who achieve the greatest success are those who persevere in spite of all the challenges, setbacks, and personal hardships. They have something more important than logical analysis. They have faith that nothing is impossible if one’s intention and purpose is strong and clear. This faith enables them to persevere in spite of all challenges. Instead of quitting, usually when getting so close to reaching your goal, why not continue to push forward until the success you desire is fully achieved.

~ Ted Murray

Circles of Life

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God said:

If life is not all about your individual life, and it is not, what are you on Earth for then?

Beloveds, you are here to serve.

From the moment you were born, you served your parents as their child. You were born for more than yourself. You were born to give service from your heart.

At the beginning of your birth, your life included a small circle, and, as you grew, your circle grew. Or, perhaps I should say that your conscious awareness of how far you extended grew. Now you know that your Being and your thoughts encircle the whole Universe and beyond and make all the difference in the world.

Beloveds, you transcend yourself.

We could say that you are here on Earth for greater than your personal expansion. You are here as a gift for the world and for greater than the world. You are a gift on Earth for Me, beloveds, Certainly, you are here for the growth of yourself. Your heart grows. This means your heart grows to Greater Love until your heart loves without exception, and so you fulfill My plan for the world. You are to usher in Paradise. You make it possible. Your heart reunites all hearts through the love in your heart that thrums the beat of My love.

~ The Vastness of Love in Bloom by Heavenletters (TM)

A Part of God's Body

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We are part of God’s body and there is no way we cannot be part of God’s body in ultimate reality.  The only question is how we will live our lives with this awareness.

~ Steve Farrell

Label it a Miracle

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We are inviting you to call forth incredible, awesome and wonderful results into your life.

You have done this many times, however we are now inviting you to do it more consistently and with more awareness. Usually when something occurs in your life that is wonderful and unexpected, you label it a miracle.

Let us for a moment share our definition of the word your call miracle. A miracle is a response from the universal field of consciousness to a focused request. When your focused attention or request has been one of limited funds or lack, and it manifests, you do not call this a miracle. It is, however, the same principal.

Let us assure you that this event you call a miracle is really how your life is meant to be moment to moment. As a divine multidimensional star being you are empowered to focus your frequency and intention on something that you desire and which is a benefit to all and then allow it to come forth. Simple!

The Universe, the quantum field of all possibilities, will respond to your request, usually in the most amazing and simple ways. This is the reality we are nudging you to claim.

Be a miracle force. Be a miracle inviter and creator. Call forth the reality that is life sustaining to you and to all. Really stretch your ability here. Imagine a world in which peace and well-being is available for all.

~ Label it a Miracle by Peggy Black and the "Team".

Christmas in the Heart

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It is Christmas in the Heart that Makes for Christmas in the Air.

~ Nelson Price