Love and Joy in the Physical Realm

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Dec 31 1969 - 5:00pm

A Poem by Angie Lile

When I was just a little girl
the Truth was clear to me
Magic was all through the world
in every rock and tree.

I’d lay my head upon the earth
and gaze up to the sky
and wonder what life would be like
beyond the stars and smile.

But as I grew and time went on,
the magic round me died.
I lost that feeling long ago, and
never knew just why.

Like Peter in his fairy tale
the world became so bleak
I dreamed about life’s ending for me.
The darkness, the stillness, the peace.

A shot through the heart,
I became aware, my senses regained their power.
I sensed a presence, by my side
silently whispering, “You are MY Child.”

“How can I possibly ignore
the splendor of your soul?
My creation is perfect, I’d never want for more.
My daughter, my child, my girl.”

A light was born into the room
and permeated through.
Color came into the world, the likes
I never knew.

My heart was filled with love so strong
I thought I had already gone
until I saw that this is how we were meant to be,
love and joy in a physical realm,
brilliant, elegant and free.