Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Question: Why does Humanity's Team require my personal information?

Answer: Humanity’s Team asks for your name, email address and other personal information when you register as a Teammate simply to know who you are, so we can communicate with you and help you in ways that are most useful to you personally. We will never share your information with anyone outside of the movement. We use industry standard procedures and technology to maintain the security and privacy of your information.

2. Question: How can I change or update my personal information (i.e., update your "Personal Profile")?

Answer: First be sure you're signed in. Then, at the top of any page, click on your name ("Hi <Your Name>") --> click on the EDIT tab --> choose the tab that corresponds to the category of information you want to update or add. When you're finished, scroll down and click on SUBMIT.

3. Question: How can I add my picture to my Personal Profile?

Answer: First be sure you're signed in. Then, at the top of any page, click on your name ("Hi <Your Name>") --> click on the EDIT tab --> on Account Settings, click on Picture --> then click on Browse to select your picture from your local computer/hard disk --> When you're finished, scroll down and click on SUBMIT.

4. Question: How can I post my own blog?

Answer: Click on "HI [YOUR OWN NAME]" at the top of the page --> View Recent Blog Entries --> Post New Blog Entry.

5. Question: How do I view a Teammate's blog?

Answer: Go to Teammates --> Click on a Teammate's name --> Under History - Blog --> Click View Recent Blog Entries

6. Question: How do I most efficiently monitor blog entries that a particular Teammate posts over time?

Answer: While in the Teammates blog click on the Orange RSS feed icon located in your browser's toolbar --> Click RSS (Teammate's Name) Blog --> Click subscribe to this feed --> Under your Favorites Center there will be a Feeds icon --> Click it and the Teammates Blog that you've added will be there --> Click on it to see any new posts.

If your browser does not have an RSS feed icon, watch this video on what RSS is and how to use it:

7. Question: How do I see all the blogs that have been posted?

Answer: Type in "blog" in the SEARCH block in the top right corner of the main window --> a list of all posts with the word "blog" will be displayed --> click on one to view it.

8. Question: How do I view the most recent posts?

Answer: Go to your name at the right of this page --> click on Recent posts --> the most current post will be at the top of the page.

9. Question: How can I become a Humanity's Team Teammate and receive your periodic newsletters?

Answer: Just click on "JOIN" in the middle of the front page, between the "Connect with kindred spirits" and "Director's Blog" and fill in the short form...and you're IN!!

10. Question: How can I donate to the Humanity's Team Action Fund?

Answer: On the front page, click on the CONTRIBUTE button near the top right hand side of the page, then follow the instructions. We truly treasure anything you feel able to contribute. Namaste!

11. Question: How do I contact another Teammate?

Answer: Click on Teammates at the top of the page --> Click on the name of the teammate you wish to contact --> Click on the Contact tab --> Type information you wish to send them --> Click on the Send Email button.

12. Question: How do I find other Teammates in my area?

Answer: Make sure you're signed in to your HT account first. Click on YOUR ACCOUNT at the top of the page --> Click on the City where you live --> Other Teammates with the same city in their profile will be listed.

You can also click on any of the fields that are hotlinked in blue underline, like State, Country, Language, Local Interest, etc. to pull up other Teammates with the same value in that field.

Or use the "Search" block at the top right of any page --> type in a word or phrase and hit Enter on your keyboard --> when results appear, it will first show the "Content" tab --> click on the "User Profile" tab to see Teammate records.

13. Question: When was Humanity's Team started in each particular country?

Answer: Many of them started in 2003, which was when Humanity's Team was launched worldwide by Neale Donald Walsch. The first meeting was in Prague, September 2003. The countries that were there represented and signed the declaration and include Argentina, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

14. Question: What volunteer positions are currently available?

Answer: Click on About Us at the top of the page --> In the drop down menu, click on Get Involved! --> search through volunteer jobs.

15. Question: How do I view upcoming events?

Answer: Click on Events at the top of the page --> Click on the event you wish to view.

16. Question: What books can you suggest regarding New Spirituality?

Answer: Go to Programs --> Click on Education Programs --> Scroll to bottom of page and click on self education --> Scroll down to see our suggested book list.

17. Question:  After attempting to log in and receiving multiple emails which reset my password, I am still unable to log on.  Is it a technical difficulty that is occurring, or am I doing something wrong?

Answer: Ensure your brower has "cookies" enabled. Cookies will need to be enabled in order to log on.

18. Question: How do I contact Humanity's Team to submit a question, comment or suggestion?

Answer: If you wish to contact Humanity’s Team in your country, please select from a list of "Worldwide" websites on the upper right corner of this webpage. Place your pointer on "Worldwide" and a drop down list of countries will appear --> Select your country --> Click the Contact link.

If you have feedback on this website, click on the "Website Feedback" link at the bottom of the front page or send an email to webmaster [at] humanitysteam [dot] org.

The best way of reaching us on the worldwide level is by writing to us at info [at] humanitysteam [dot] org.

Our "Snail Mail" address is:

Humanity's Team
PO Box 58
Fort Collins, Colorado 80522

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