“All over the darkest clouds the Sun is always shining. It's just a matter of flying higher"

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Dec 31 1969 - 5:00pm

“All over the darkest clouds the Sun is always shining.

It’s just a matter of flying higher”

By Ciro Gabriel Avruj

There are many books concerning leadership that tell us about several full-size hypothesis… assumptions. We have already talked about the skills and attitudes that a leader must have. We have asked ourselves a thousand times the same question: is a leader born or he’s geared up? We have sought all the way through the History after examples which could let us see a way forward.

All these question marks are extremely useful as to distinguish who a true leader is. Over and over again we get confused and fall in mystifying a man who, at any given time or circumstances, is forced to exercise the leading role of managing others, take decisions and get things done… We get confused and forget that an accurate leader is that one who has the character and spiritual strength as to know what kind of person he truly is and why is he so keen on serving the common good. It is full of relevance to discern and put in the picture the difference between these two types of personalities.
At this point we observe that this hypothesis is unable to help us. Those theories require intellectual development plus the learning of formulas and guidelines previously given by others. Of course, this is important at the time to acquire the concepts and learn why true leaders – and their guidance- can be remembered and admired. It is also useful while attempting one self to be qualified as one. But I believe that true leadership goes further; it is a matter of searching for this attitude inside us, within ourselves; to look ahead for this motivation which encourages us in order to get what seems impossible… to persuade ourselves that it’s time to lift and start flying. All this goes beyond the best texts.

Let us take a brief look at the qualities of a true leader:

- He lives in a reliable manner, full of meanings and awareness about his human values, for they are a lifestyle; a leader fights for his ideals up to the end.
- He has an all-inclusive view of the proceedings and sees far-off beyond the surface.

- He is flexible, unlocked and courageous.

- He perceives each and every one challenge as an opportunity for growth.

- He is enthusiastic, an inspiring example for those surrounding him.

- He serves up the group and knows how to stimulate it.

- He looks for everybody’s wealth and impels them to seek out the path of truth and justice.

- He creates conditions of availability for his partners to become leaders of their own lives.


- He is aware of the underlying Oneness, and the coming together in the course of interrelationship between All that exists.

These statements help us to be aware of what are we talking about when we portray leadership. We see that it is an attitude towards Life that transcends any cyclical circumstances. An attitude achieved through cultivating the Self-awareness and, also, by the choices one makes at every moment, bearing in mind what is purposeful –or not- to our goals as Human Beings.

So, in front of the question: “is a leader born or he’s geared up?”… the answer is: the leader is born and he’s geared up throughout his whole life… only and if he’s wide aware of the challenges that Life poses.

The leader builds up bridges. It is clear to him where he wants to come and finds out the ways that gets him into the chosen direction.

Life is what it is, not what our way of thinking wishes should be.

The mind is a powerful tool that can help the Soul to self structure highly and the Light to shine. But, if we do not train it, the mind itself is a double-edged sword. By the mind we can cause much harm to others and ourselves, thus it is also gifted for creating wonders. That’s why the magnitude of learning to discern. This means listening to the heart.
Nowadays, with the plentiful distractions available all over out there, the fake models that the Media show to us, the societal problems, the de-education at schools, the families disintegration and so on… the entire maintenance of a fair and awakened mentality has been turned into a full-size challenge.


Our external situations exert a major influence on us and quite often, they fill us up with fear. The fear paralyzes us and holds back progress. We are free to experiment it, though not usually it serves us up if our aim is sky-scraping and unselfish.

That's why it is so important the self-knowing as well as the enlargement of an own visualization. The largest vision we can allow ourselves to dream. Always, taking into account that the "external" does not exist.

Hence, I believe that we must find the leadership inside. Deep in our heart we all are leaders. A number of us can recognize it; others do not. Some choose to exercise it; others do not...

What for are we here?


We come into this three-dimensional world to acquire skills and to experience them.

We come to be perceptive towards ourselves as the real wonder that we are.

We are multidimensional Beings co living on Earth as physical bodies which seem to be separated from each other.  However, all types of investigations show that we are interconnected, interrelated and only One. 


Consequently, everything we do affects the comprehensive context. This entrust us and, in addition, confers us the responsibility of knowing and accepting that we are part of a larger body.

We did not come to this world just to survive or lead a second-rate Life but to develop and carry out the task of raising the Living Standards of All.

Therefore… let’s live the best version of ourselves!


There are some words which I love. They began popping up everywhere several years ago, and have come to mean so much to so many people, included me too. This passage is commonly mis-attributed to Nelson Mandela's 1994 Inaugural Address. Not only was it not written by him but, also, it is not quoted in either of his two Inaugural Speeches. Actually, they come from Marianne Williamson’s book, A Return to Love' (1992).  I find out that this paragraph is entirely related to my preceding analysis:


"...Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

I became conscious on how this message so exceptionally powerful is.

If only a small number of people like us would be as committed as we are…

If they could be ready to accept it, team up and truly come together to work in harmony… the world would be quite different.

But, please, do not take it as a utopia.

Let’s feel it.

Let’s be aware of it.  

Let’s go through this experience.

With perseverance, tenacity and willingness let us make it evident in facts.

I entrust.

Please: hand over! Let us all join and live this full of meaning message!


Yes we can!



Global Giving

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I wanted to share something that has quickly become a passion of mine, which started out as an experiment. As many of us in this global economy we have all been consciously paralyzed and placed in a state of fear that lurks daily in our subconscious. I really got fed up with all that is happening to my friends, employees, and family financially...not to mention our homeland and abroad. So, about three month ago I came up with the idea of what if we can change the global economy one person at a time.


I know take a large pill and go back to bed..LOL! But when I started to pitch this to people, not just anyone (entrepreneurs, business people, and students at Washburn) to my amazement it quickly harnessed merit with like minded individuals. One student at Washburn University told her professor about this movement and she liked it so well that they are going to dedicate a classroom and discuss the possibilities. Christina, who is a member of the Topeka rotary and successful business woman came to America from Brazil with nothing has always wanted to help a certain community in her homeland by raising funds through charitable events...right now the rotary has put in motion to make this happen for her.


Christina likes the idea so much, when I told her that my goal is to have our own foundation that she wanted to be on the board. I have already looked at starting a 501 (c) (3). This is all about helping individuals being self sufficient and the teaching them to give back to foundations that truly want to help the global economy. Why? Because if we help enough people get what they want we get what we want and fulfill our spiritual needs. This cycle of Government isn't working on all levels and we the people have to take charge and do something that is so profound that leaders will have no choice but to take notice.


This movement of Global Giving is designed to help people be self sufficient and not to rely on outside help. It can't be done by some big conglomerate for the purpose of a tax right off that doesn't care about the choice of words behind a well choreographed lip service. It will take like minded individuals that understand the long term benefits for each human being, this isn't a race, and it’s a journey that can be bigger than any Government.


Below is a friend of mine who has taken this movement very seriously and has been a huge advocate when it comes to making sure that the message is clear. She has contacts in several countries and is the World Wide editor of Humanity's Team, she wrote a letter below to all the chapters around the world to get involved. Like anything new, it takes time and people to move a huge bolder....but once it goes watch out. The financial vehicle I chose had to be global and affordable, and after a month of research I found GDI who had these components already in place and for 9 years now. More importantly they are debt free, no competition, and has a similar mission..there is 10,000 new users on the internet a day and in the next 10 years there will be more 3 Billion internet users that will be a way of life to communicate, do business, create business...etc. We can't thing local anymore...our backyard is now Global.


If you have got the time to go to my website http://www.globalgiving.ws  and watch the video to the end this will explain the financial side of things and how foundations and charities will receive help. Read Nannette’s letter below and hope you will share the movement.







My Friends,


We are experiencing the tipping point, that moment when something previously unique becomes common.  It is the grandest invitation to participate in our unprecedented times.  It is our opportunity for HOPE and being part of the change around the world.  It is the time to look at those things that appear as obstacles and turn them into opportunities. 

We are awakening to the idea that we are all connected.  Finally we are seeing that there is something to this idea.   This 6 minute video, The Shift, will inspire you to become involved.  Further there are things you can do everyday to plant the seed on Oneness.  For instance, when going through a toll booth, pay for the person behind you.  Watch what happens.  Let someone else have the parking place you've been waiting for.  Move some one up in the check out line at the grocery store by giving them your spot.  It all becomes quite contagious.
Here is another opportunity right here to put your inspiration to work.  My friend, Mike Owens, also a teammate of
Humanity's Team has started a wonderful opportunity to join in the shift.  Now I have joined the Global Giving campaign.  We are facing difficult economic times and this model allows you to not only raise money for Humanity's Team, but you can also earn income for yourself while doing so.  This method of donating money to Humanity's Team will grow exponentially and we can continue to Awaken the World to Oneness.
My friend, Mike Owens says, "My goal is to change the face of the global economy one person at a time. And could there be a better time to do this? I believe we want to hand our children and our children's children a better world. This is can be done by using a business model that is already in 180 countries and 9 different languages.  To do this it takes funds and a passion to see it through with like-minded individuals who want to help themselves financially and that will give them the opportunity to help others grow in caring for our world. By joining this movement, you will not only be helping yourself but also helping others, encouraging them to unite in putting our global economy back on track. No one person can do this alone. And in addition, your monthly contribution will automatically be donating 10% to Humanity's Team, whose mission is to Awaken the World to Oneness."

The earth is experiencing a shift and an opportunity to make great change happen.

One critical way this can happen is to share the website below to just 5 individuals . . . and your responsibility is to make sure they do the same within 30 days for the next 5 months.

I would like to see how many countries we will get this into and impact as many lives as possible and create a Global community that is bigger than any government. This has the potential to be the biggest group that has ever had an impact without any outside help of any kind.  Imagine the results!

Each and every one of us can help spread the mission of oneness by making a decision TODAY! When you join for Free, do your due diligence and read the letter from the founder of the company. Then it is up to you to whether to be part of the solution.

Now, please go to http://www.freedom.ws , enter "nannette1094" (code) and watch the video to the end.


I invite you to join this simple way to help others and yourself at the same time.   



Please sign Humanity's Team Oneness Day Petition.  Humanity's Team is collecting 50,000 signatures to get the United Nations to declare a Oneness Day. Help make this day a reality!  Go to this site and sign the petition. http://act.humanitysteam.org/t/2014/petition.jsp?petition_KEY=80

Nannette Kennedy
Executive Assistant
Worldwide Newsletter Coordinator
Fort Collins, Colorado


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