Everywhere I go in the world, I meet a member of Humanity's Team!

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Dec 31 1969 - 5:00pm

Recently I was in Ausburg, Germany, delivering an evening lecture and then offering two full days of work-shopping. And sure enough, there in the lobby was a table set up by Humanity's Team! Before that I was in Züruch, and sure enough, there was Humanity's Team! These days it seems like HT shows up everywhere!

And everywhere people are responding to the message of Humanity's Team, which derives from the message of Conversations with God: We Are All One. At no time in history has that message been more relevant. At no time in history could it possibly be more healing.

I am in the middle of a European journey as I write this. First we spent three days at Findhorn, on the northern tip of Scotland. Then we offered an evening satsang in Züruch, with a day-long event that followed. And then, on to Ausburg for that weekend program. And everywhere we went we were greeted by people hungry for the spiritually liberating, emotionally opening message of humanity's Oneness—with ourselves, and with God.

It is Oneness with God and Life that is often a challenge for people to accept, much less experience. The idea of unity with The Creator runs counter to the teaching of so many of the world's major religions. Yet it is the very idea—and perhaps the only idea—that can now save humanity from itself.

By that I mean, one would have to be blind, or in total denial, not to see that our present way of living on this earth is not sustainable. We can no longer continue treating each other the way we are treating each other, and we can no longer continue treating the earth the way we are treating the earth. Something has to change—and very fast. We're running out of runway here.

What has to change is not our behavior, but our beliefs. We have tried to heal the world with behavioral change, and it has not worked. Not in the long run. That is because all behaviors revert back, finally, to the ones we were trying to change to begin with, because the beliefs that sponsored those behaviors have not been altered one iota.

It is beliefs, of course, that create behaviors. If beliefs remain the same at their core, behaviors ultimately will not shift. So long as humanity holds to a core belief in Separation as the nature of things, we will live in a dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest world. We may talk a good game about being our brother's keeper, etc., but as soon as our own survival is threatened we'll revert back to our "I'm-over-here-and-you're-over-there" behaviors.

Yet if we ever embraced as our living reality the notion that We Are All One, everything would then be considered within that context. In such a circumstance, living within such a thought system, we could never allow people in Haiti to be living on one bowl of rice every two days, or people in Darfur to be driven from their homes and killed by the thousands, or children in many lands to be forced into child armies or prostitution rings in order to support their parents—or to even stay alive.

There is suffering in this world…cruelty and repression and deprivation and rampant illness and deep loneliness…for many reasons, but not the least of these is that we do not see ourselves as One. If not One Being, at least One Family.

I know that you already agree with all that is being said here. The question is, how to bring humanity as a whole to that new cultural story? And that's where your membership in Humanity's Team comes in—and why I am so excited and inspired whenever I meet a new HT member or local team as I travel the world, carrying the message of our Oneness.

Thank you for your support of the work that HT is doing in raising awareness. That's its chief function, you know. There are activities and projects of a more concrete nature, yes, but the main thrust of the HT mandate is to lift humanity's awareness. It's about consciousness raising. It's about doing for human movement what Gloria Steinem did for the Women's Movement, or Martin Luther King Jr. did for the Civil Rights Movement.

In fact, Humanity's Team has been described by me as "a civil rights movement for the soul, freeing humanity at last from the oppression of its beliefs in a separate, violent, angry, vindictive, exclusivist, judging, and punishing God."

Strong words, I know. Yet words that we believe can change the lives of every person on the face of the earth for the better. We are grateful to have you with us.

Neale Donald Walsch


Peace and unconditional love from Pakistan!!!

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Dear Walsch,


Peace and unconditional love from Pakistan!!!


1. This is Inderias Dominic Bhatti


2. I am brought up in a Roman Catholic family;


3. Studied from Catholic school (St. Thomas High School), District Faisalabad, Pakistan;


4. Joined Catholic seminary as a catholic priesthood candidate;


5. Was asked to leave the seminary for my reflectivity based on the views of the theology of liberation of the South American Catholic leadership;


6. Joined the service of the social arm of the catholic bishops’ conference Pakistan (Caritas – Lahore) as a project officer;


7. Was forced to resign as per of my humanitarian approach towards life and God;


8. Started a group “Enabling Ministry Pakistan” which is of a view that no person, place, thing and religion has monopoly and authority over truth, righteousness, morality, nobility, humanity, divinity and Divine;


9. This brought a very strong reaction to my small group and me from the religious icons of various faiths;


10. While finding and feeling our unanimous vision about life and God I have recently changed the name of my group from Enabling Ministry to Alliance for New Humanity – Pakistan. You can find us on



11. I personally heard a lot about your famous book “Conversation with God”;


12. I have not yet the privileged to read it. I would be much honored to have the copy of it if possible. I would further desire to translate it into our local language “URDU”  tat it may touch the hearts of divided masses on the basis of different and various approaches towards life and God.


In admirations and appreciation, I am,


Inderias Dominic Bhatti,

94 Saroba Garden,

Ferozpur Road,

Lahore - 54760,


Phone: 0092-300-4184958

Email: inderiasbhatti [at] yahoo [dot] com

Deepest Gratitude

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My Name is Abigael from Nairobi Kenya.

Mine is gratitude so deep! Love overflows from my heart, joy so pure, Life so clear, light so bright fills my soul and spreads out to my whole being.

Thank you Neal for puting down the CwG. I have lost count of the times I have read it. Thank you Humanity Team for your initiative. The light is indeed shining in the darkness, one spot after another, every single magical moment. Soon and very soon the light will be more than the darkness, as yet another soul remembers who they are.

The desire is great! and it is bringing things to me... and I am teaching my world to do the same.

Thank you for coming to me, in my life and helping me remember, even as i go into others lives and helping them to remember.

Thank you.