Group Works for Unity Among Humanity

ESTORIL, Portugal, June 22, 2007 (UPI) -- Implementing a belief in humanity's unity will bring about lasting world peace, international delegates to a weeklong conference in Portugal said Friday.

Conference participants said they believe "humanity's division is the root cause of violence, war and terror in the world," said Steve Farrell, worldwide coordinating director of Humanity's Team, an international grass-roots movement based in Boulder, Colo., at the group's annual worldwide coordinating conference in suburban Lisbon.

"Acting on the counterbalancing belief in humanity's oneness will end world strife and usher in a world of peace, compassion and sustainability," he told United Press International.

"Unity and diversity are not mutually exclusive," said Farrell, a former Silicon Valley entrepreneur. "Unity implies diversity. Science shows us life is a unified whole with multiple dimensions, each complementing the other."

Humanity's Team, which just concluded a 39-day tour of 10 countries on six continents, announced plans for monthly events in more than 60 countries showing how politics, business, economics, education, medicine, the environment, arts, religion and other areas would be transformed with unity "as their primary organizing principle," said Stefano Russo of Trieste, Italy, the movement's campaigns and events coordinator.