What Do You See?

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Dec 31 1969 - 5:00pm

What Do You See?


Life is in large measure what we make of it. Many times we choose what we "see" and how we "feel".

Martin Luther King Jr. Illustrated this point very well.  The last weekend of March 1968 was a depressing time for him. Many of his plans were in disarray, the last march he held turned into a riot and the Black Power movement thought his idea of nonviolence was out of date. After returning to Atlanta after the march turned riot fiasco. He was depressed. He contemplated leaving the civil rights movement and perhaps becoming president of Morehouse college. Then, said, Jesse Jackson, "He preached himself out of the gloom". "We must turn a minus into a plus," King said "A stumbling Block into a stepping stone." [Italics added]. He went on the next day to preach one of the most powerful sermons of his career in The National Cathedral. Four days later he was killed. But his movement continued, it still continues because instead of giving up, he continued. Where some would have seen failure, he saw a chance to further his cause.

Throughout life challenges will come. What will you see; a stumbling block that will cause you to fall and perhaps fail, or a stepping stone that will help you reach higher, become more, and touch more people than would have been previously unattainable?

The choice is yours, the choice is mine.

Quotations used from "American Gospel", Jon Meacham, Random House 2006