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Calling All Leaders and Change Agents Ready to Transform Business

Discover how you can be more aligned with your authentic desires and your work in the world through our 12-month signature Conscious Business Training and Certification Program, which begins on June 7.

Conscious Business Change Agents are increasingly in demand to guide companies - either as a leader within or as a consultant - through the transformation process to become a conscious business. The Humanity’s Team’s Conscious Business Training and Certification Program teaches people how to become Conscious Business Change Agents over the course of six months of training and a year-long collaborative Community of Practice peer group membership.

Graduates of the program receive a Certificate of Completion and the opportunity to become a Certified Conscious Business Change Agent by completing a peer-reviewed project.

Certified Conscious Business Change Agents will help companies:
  • Recognize that all of their actions are interconnected and affect global ecosystems – social, financial, environmental and political.
  • Create new ways to operate that are profitable as well as healthy and nurturing for employees, suppliers, partners and local communities.
  • Go beyond sustainability and “do no harm” by focusing on restoring the earth’s health.
  • Operate with economic, social and ecological transparency.
  • Act as good global citizens that respect human dignity and fairness.
  • Build authentic success from the inside out.

Overview of the Conscious Business Initiative

This 50-minute video outlines the compelling case for Conscious Business and an provides an overview of the Conscious Business Initiative Program. The video focuses on answering 3 key questions:
  • Why is Conscious Business vitally important?
  • What is the Conscious Business Initiative?
  • How can you make a difference?

Organizational Changes in CBI
We are grateful to have such accomplished and devoted talent stewarding the Conscious Business Initiative, so we’re happy to announce that as of June 1, current CBI co-director Kristin Vesa will become the sole director of the program.

This means it is with mixed feelings that we say farewell to CBI co-director Steve Melville, who is leaving to embrace other endeavors. Steve has made truly amazing contributions in restructuring our CBI training programs, and it would be difficult to overstate how impactful these changes have been. All of us are most grateful to him and wish him the very best. That said, we expect that Steve will continue to engage with us in the future in other capacities, as he is truly devoted to the mission to which we are all committed.

Kristin is a graduate of the CBI program, has been a very active leader within Humanity’s Team, and she became co-director of CBI earlier this year. Her professional background includes over two decades of consulting with Ernst & Young and various consulting assignments with other organizations.

Kristin holds a Masters in Engineering and an International M.B.A. from The Thunderbird School of Global Management. We know she will continue to practice the conscious leadership that CBI has enjoyed through its evolution, so we’re grateful to have her at the helm.

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