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Conscious Business Initiative Developments in 2017
Humanity’s Team has dedicated the past several months to re-thinking and redesigning the CBI training and certification program. At every step, we’ve challenged ourselves how to best serve the purpose of growing the Conscious Business movement.

What we now call Conscious Business 2.0 will support your individual journey as a Conscious Business Change Agent (CBCA). In response to feedback from program graduates, key modifications to the program include a low-cost entry course, enhanced with a year-round program that has multiple learning tracks.

This flexible approach, called the CBI Conscious Business Wisdom Framework, will make it easy to navigate your path. It will provide flexibility in the time and pace of engagement, allowing you to complete the program on your time, instead of asking you to adhere to ours.

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Conscious Business News from Around the World

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The Humanity’s Team Conscious Business Community of Practice is designed to sustain, support, and expand the capabilities of all its members. Members can participate in specialized forums to share business transformation knowledge, form partnerships, and participate in exclusive training events with leading experts in business transformation. Can you imagine the sheer magnitude of power you would have with the support of a group of committed Certified Conscious Business Agents? Let's make that vision a reality…. More

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