OLD Conscious Business Initiative

Conscious Business Initiative

Humanity’s Team will launch a series of free Webinars in February 2016, where you can learn more about the Conscious Business Training and Certification Program. The specific dates and times will be announced shortly. If you would like to be notified when these free Webinars are open for registration, please click the link below.

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The Business Paradigm Shift

We live in a remarkable time in humanity’s evolution. The old paradigm of separation has brought us to the brink of ecological, social, and economic collapse. By fixating excessively on profit, business has been at the heart of the problem. But a new reality is dawning.

Conscious business is still emerging and in need of clear principles to guide business leaders and unify the global movement of business transformation. Recognizing this urgent and timely need, Humanity’s Team, The Club of Budapest, and The Goi Peace Foundation have come together to create the Conscious Business Declaration . With this Declaration we strive to define a new standard for business in the 21st century.

Conscious Business Declaration

The Declaration represents a revolution in what it means to be a business. Those willing to sign the Declaration join a global community of business leaders who are committed to developing the awareness and skills needed to consciously evolve their organizations in accord with its principles, to help create a world that serves humanity and all life on Earth.

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The Emerging Conscious Business Community

Through the Conscious Business Training and Certification Program , Humanity’s Team strives to accelerate the emergence of a vibrant community of conscious business practitioners. We see this community as the future that is ready to emerge at this time. Join us to help organize and mobilize as a community consecrated to sacred activism through business transformation, in service to the collective awakening of all humanity. Together we can co-create in this loving, joyful and empowering adventure of sacred activism through business.

At this time many are realizing our essential Oneness, the fact that we are one with humanity and all of life. Similarly, business and all institutions of the human community are integral parts of a single reality — interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. This new awareness makes it clear that the purpose of business is to increase economic prosperity while contributing to a healthy environment and improving human well-being. This is fueling a new movement to align the institution of business with this reality.

Humanity’s Team Conscious Business Training & Certification Program

Humanity’s Team recognizes that many business leaders and change agents will need help to implement this new standard. Many are looking for inspiration, insights, tools, and support to drive transformation that aligns with the principles in the Conscious Business Declaration . Humanity’s Team’s Conscious Business Training and Certification Program , which will launch in 2016, is designed to address this need.

Our training program will focus on critical skills and proven practices for transforming businesses. The training focuses on seven key principles articulated in the Conscious Business Declaration . It is designed to help businesses move beyond an almost exclusive focus on profit to also embrace the needs of people, planet and presence -- the innate nature of Divine Oneness in all life.

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