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Conscious Business Initiative

The Conscious Business Initiative has three parts: a Conscious Business Declaration, a Conscious Business Curriculum, and a Conscious Business Community of Practice. The Declaration creates a new standard for business and raises awareness. The Curriculum provides training and individual certification. The Community of Practice is a workbench community for those who are transforming current businesses to conscious businesses.
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We live in a remarkable time in our evolution. The old paradigm of separation has brought humanity to the brink of global disaster. By fixating excessively on profit, business has been at the heart of the problem. But a new era of Conscious Business is emerging.

Business is poised to radically transform. Join the movement! Sign the Conscious Business Declaration. Become a trained and certified Conscious Business change agent. And join our Community of Practice. To find out more, register for our Free Conscious Business Webinars!


The Conscious Business Declaration

Sign the Declaration. Join the global community of  leaders committed to business transformation.
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Free Webinars on the Conscious Business Initiative

Register today for free Webinars in April 2016 to learn about the Conscious Business Initiative and our Training and Certification.
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Humanity’s Team Conscious Business Training & Certification

Become trained and certified as a business change agent by visionary leaders and top conscious business practitioners.
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The Emerging Conscious Business Community

Join us. Humanity’s Team strives to accelerate the emergence of a vibrant community of conscious business practitioners.
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Become a Conscious Business Initiative Partner

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Help Bring Forward the Conscious Business Paradigm AND Make Money Doing It!   We would be honored to have you join us as a Partner!

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