CBCA Certification for Athena Melchizedek

Conscious Business Change Agent Certification for Athena Melchizedek

Athena Melchizedek
45 years career as a business professional in a variety of leadership roles. Business consultant, mentor and facilitator for last 22 years.  

Educator and Author of of THE QUANTUM KEYS – Unlock Your Energetic Intelligence and the creator of the Quantum Keys programs introducing energetics and personal energy management to business leaders, coaches and consultants. 

Mentor and Facilitator creates relationships built upon trust, integrity and resonance where her wide experience and understanding is able to support and guide the personal and spiritual development of her students, clients and aspirants.Currently mentors and facilitates groups for the Institute of Divine Potential and I Am Avatar and runs an introductory program to the Quantum Keys for the Conscious Business Initiative. 

Remote Energy Transmitter- specialises in individual and group Remote Energy Transmission and Psycho-Energetic Integration Skills. Her psycho-energetic skills allows the work at the multi dimensional levels to be firmly anchored into the physical dimension and be fully realised and integrated as an embodied life experience.

Contact Information:

Athena Melchizedek
    Conscious Business Change Agent (CBCA) Project Description:
    Energetics for Business

    Project Description:

    Is a transformation pathway that combines bio energy field management techniques, proven psycho-energetic skills and energetic transmissions and activations. This powerful combination raises the overall frequency, expands the consciousness and enables a direct remembrance and sensate experience of connection to Source Energy for the participant.  

    The Model is purposed to develop personal mastery and self- empowerment of individuals and groups by clearing, activating and empowering their entire energetic matrix and specifically targeted for those in the business community. 

    It provides new and effective tools for transformation of consciousness, recognizing business as a powerful agent of change in the world, and rooted in the Law of One and in line with the principles of the Conscious Business Declaration. 

    Objectives are to enable those who participate direct experience of how to modulate their own energy field, clear all energetic blocks and activate the higher frequencies of their energy field and so align with their highest purpose for service. Participants can then use their new awareness and acquired skills to improve communication, creativity, productivity, enhance all relationships address disengagement of workforces, low productivity, shift unsustainable and archaic hierarchical structures. and create prosperity and flourishing for all whether as a leader or as a consultant.
    Value Proposition:

    Change does not happen by addressing external objective reality . Real change can only be brought about by changing the inner landscape and frequency of energy being broadcast by an individual , group or a company ( business is merely groups of people acting together ). Oneness is not a concept it is a state of consciousness. When groups of people take action from this higher level of consciousness external change in the outer externalization occurs. This program provides the transformation in individuals and groups required to achieve true Oneness.Only this will make a sustainable shift in the consciousness of businesses.

    Target Audience:

    Business Leaders- provides a new perspective to problem solving in a world of turbulent change and supports the personal development of all agents of change, committed to putting the Conscious Business Declaration into action.

    Consultants , coaches , managers and senior executives- Provides new tools, practices and techniques to include in their toolbox and use as they see fit.

      If you have questions about the Conscious Business Initiative, Declaration, Training and Certification, or Community of Practice, please e-mail us at cbisupport@humanitysteam.org.
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