CBCA Certification for Stephen Dynako

Conscious Business Change Agent Certification for Stephen Dynako

Stephen Dynako

Stephen Dynako passionately and courageously brings to the world his gifts of communication and leadership. Over the course of his professional career, Stephen has used these gifts in various roles in the financial, technology, and media industries. In service, he has applied his gifts in the realms of counseling and the ministry. 

Stephen has worked in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments for over 30 years. This includes leadership positions at large companies such as IBM, JPMorgan Chase, and BMO Harris Bank; plus as founder or co-founder of companies that variously developed online learning solutions, published information that aimed to bring transparency to the hedge fund industry, and guided business planning for start-up ventures. 

Stephen has provided leadership in ways beyond managing people, projects and strategy. He is interested in what inspires people, not just what motivates them. He’s energized by the self-perpetuating energy of collaboration and by encouraging people to trust themselves and act upon their strengths. 

In 2016, Stephen attended the very first Leadership Academy by The Shift Network. The Academy was a year-long mentorship, training and mastermind to support taking one's evolutionary mission to the next level increasing an evolutionary leader's positive influence in the world.

Contact Information:

Stephen Dynako
www.dynako.com Twitter - @StephenDynako
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/stephendynako
    Conscious Business Change Agent (CBCA) Project Description:
    Enhancing Employee Engagement in Conscious Business

    Project Description:

    According to 30 years of research by Gallup, about 87 percent of employees worldwide are not engaged in their jobs. Specifically, they “…lack motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in organizational goals or outcomes” and at worst they “…are unhappy and unproductive at work and liable to spread negativity to coworkers.”

    My project – and thus my program – helps leadership in companies to “wake up” then to “show up” by intentional integration of multiple practices, such as self-awareness, physiological coherence, emotional attunement, psychological safety, and the conscious realization that each person operates in the four AQAL quadrants of the I, WE, IT, and ITS. The result is increased employee productivity and engagement, because work will have evolved from merely the functional to the meaningful. 

    Based in HeartMath resilience training, my program brings in elements of Integral Theory, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and the Hero’s Journey to “turn on the lights” in company leadership and ultimately front-line employees to foster a more evolved, productive, and engaged workforce.
    Value Proposition:

    Here are the key conditions that my offering influences, which result in the emergence of successful teams*: 
    1)    Psychological Safety: Team members (TMs) feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable
    2)    Dependability: TMs get things done on time and meet standards of excellence
    3)    Structure & Clarity: TMs have clear roles, plans, and goals
    4)    Meaning: Work is personally important to TMs
    5)    Impact: TMs believe their work matters 

    At its core, my program supports the co-creation of these conditions, which go hand-in-hand with employee engagement. Quantitatively, per the research conducted by Google and Gallup, the data support that companies with engaged workforces OUTPERFORM their peers by 147% (in EPS). 
    *As defined by a well-publicized internal study by Google

    Target Audience:

    1) Growing businesses that have a strong commitment to their employees, yet find it challenging to maintain engagement due to such growth.
    2) Based on my own executive experience, larger companies or units thereof, provided that leadership is intentionally seeking to expand its consciousness.

      If you have questions about the Conscious Business Initiative, Declaration, Training and Certification, or Community of Practice, please e-mail us at cbisupport@humanitysteam.org.
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