CBCA Certification for Stephen LeFebvre

Conscious Business Change Agent Certification for Stephen LeFebvre

Stephen LeFebvre

Steve  is  the  Managing Director of Conscious Business Associates / Pacific Rim, a consulting firm which  offers  personal coaching and consulting services   to corporate leaders and their organizations as well as to individuals, couples and families. He is a certified Conscious Business Change Agent with the Conscious Business Initiative,  a global community committed to raising consciousness in the business sector. Steve also conducts weekend seminars on conscious business leadership and personal growth topics.

Steve has  over 40 years of executive experience in business as a founder and CEO of businesses that have been aligned with conscious business principals in the entrepreneurial and corporate environments.
In addition to his business experience Steve is also a certified and registered practitioner in the use of the breath as a modality for accessing "intuitive awareness" with the New Zealand Association of Breathworkers and has been studying, teaching, and working professionally as a life coach and  mentor, since the early 1990's.

Steve has studied spiritual psychology with masters from  Benedictine, Hindu, Buddhist, and Native American Indian traditions. He is a former yoga and meditation teacher, vipassana meditation practitioner, student of spirit based community,  a nutritionist, a men’s group facilitator, loves being in the garden, and a lover of music.

Steve  lives in New Zealand, married to a wonderful loving wife,  has three daughters, a son, and three grand kids……. and very grateful for all the blessings in his life!

Contact Information:

Stephen LeFebvre
44 Radar Road
Hot Water Beach, New Zealand 3591
+647 866-3308
    Conscious Business Change Agent (CBCA) Project Description:

    Medicine Man Coaching

    Project Description:

    To invite and enroll leadership into engaging in a process that opens them to experience a  deeper meaning within, and better understand how this experience  can further evolve their skills to become more enlightened and inspired leaders.
    Value Proposition:

    Engaging with our programs we would expect clients to experience more:
    • Clarity of Purpose and deeper meaning in their lives by cultivating  “inner” Vision.
    • Courage to honour self  and trust the guidance that comes from within.
    • More Compassion for self and others.
    • Experience deeper Presence, and the ability to cultivate mindfulness.
    • Compassionate communication skills and a greater capacity to listen with ones heart.
    • Inspiration, Motivation, & greater Meaning in their lives.
    • Vulnerability, allowing more trust and experiencing deeper faith
    • Willingness to be more Tolerant
    • Joy
    • Generosity
    • Patience
    • Enlightened leadership

    Target Audience:

    Thought leaders and their teams

      If you have questions about the Conscious Business Initiative, Declaration, Training and Certification, or Community of Practice, please e-mail us at cbisupport@humanitysteam.org.
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