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The Conscious Business webinar replay series are ready for listening. You will hear from some of the finest world-class leaders: Ken Wilber, Lance Secretan, Alan Watkins, Rinaldo Brutoco, Nealed Donald Walsch, Steve Farrell and John Thomas. You find the replay links below:

Ken WilberReplay:  http://www.humanitysteam.org/free-cb-webinars#kenwilber

Lance SecretanReplay: http://www.humanitysteam.org/free-cb-webinars#Lance

Alan WatkinsReplay: http://www.humanitysteam.org/free-cb-webinars#alan

Rinaldo BrutocoReplay: http://www.humanitysteam.org/free-cb-webinars#Rinaldo

Neale Donald WalschReplay: 

While businesses are the biggest source of some of our world's most challenging problems, they can also offer the greatest hope and potential to help solve these problems. Therein lies amazing opportunities to break through and upend the status quo by adopting a new conscious business model that creates prosperity and flourishing for all - by improving employee retention and productivity, attracting top employees, increasing customer satisfaction, driving revenue and profit, and ensuring community support.

There is money to be made on solving the world's biggest issues. Consumers want to buy from brands that stand for something greater than just quarterly earnings. Learn what our leaders are sharing on this webinar series.

This is your last opportunity to watch this complimentary new Conscious Business webinar series. The replays will be removed at midnight Sunday, May 1st.

We invite you to join us on the adventure of a lifetime, changing the way business is done! Join Humanity's Team's Conscious Business Training and Certification program discussed during the webinar to become a leader and change agent in the Conscious Business revolution! This teaching will enable you to become a more effective leader, outfitted with a "tool kit" to transform existing businesses to conscious businesses. You'll receive a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course and will then have the opportunity to become a Certified Conscious Business Agent (CCBA) within the Community of Practice.

We are offering this inaugural course at a deeply discounted rateof $1,497. Your investment includes three months FREE within the Community of Practice! This is over 50% off of the standard price of $3,500 . You will not see this price again. This is a one-time offer for our inaugural program. Learn more here: http://www.humanitysteam.org/cb-training

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During this program you will receive:
  1. An understanding of the Conscious Business Declaration, the Integral Model and how to implement these principles in business, giving you the foundation you need to thrive in these changing times.
  2. Tools for leading and shifting your company to conscious business practices. You and your company will make a difference shifting the business landscape.
  3. The right (and inspiring) language to express the magic of love, connection, and Oneness in words that business leaders can relate to and understand.
  4. The attributes of a Conscious Business leader which will allow you to manifest transparency and a culture of Oneness in your organization.
  5. An overall plan for launching and growing a coaching/consulting business that is aligned with values of true service while leaving a legacy for future generations.
  6. A marketing approach that feels authentic to you, one that attracts your ideal audience and prospective clients.
  7. The opportunity for peer review of your unique project to become a certified as Certified Conscious Business Agent (CCBA) within the Community of Practice.
  8. A complimentary 3-month membership in the Community of Practice:
--Get certified as a Conscious Business Change Agent through a process of peer review
--Higher levels of conscious business mastery
--Collaborate with other change agents in marketing, business development and delivery of --business transformation services
--Get on-going inspiration, skills and knowledge
--Gain new contacts to expand your network
--Get the support you need to launch your business as a change agent
--Get the support you need to transform your business or the division or work-groups in your company

Register today for the inaugural Conscious Business Training and Certification program! We invite you to join this inspiring global community of conscious business practitioners.
To learn more: http://www.humanitysteam.org/cb-training

In the spirit of Conscious Business,

Steve Farrell & John Thomas
Conscious Business Initiative
Humanity's Team

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