Conscious Business Testimonials

Conscious Business Testimonials

What our students are saying:

“It’s been a phenomenal journey that touched my heart so much. The course material really opened me up. We just scratched the surface of what is truly possible for humanity. I’m totally lit up by this whole thing.”
~Glenn Weissel, Certified EGCMethod® Coach

Increasing Consciousness for myself and others has been my purpose for a long while. I have qualified as a Business Coach with Emotional Intelligence and started volunteering for HT, where I came across CBI. This training has been one of the best I have done in my whole life. The concepts explained and the high caliber, conscious teachers are of incredible value for one's growth. Becoming a CCBA will be completed this year as I undergo my project, which will be indeed, to create this conscious company that will approach large multinational companies to inspire them to change their ways into the way of the Heart, as we come in Oneness by increasing their consciousness while still making profits.
- Gema Ramirez, Business Coach

“I want to say to everyone, I am so grateful I found this group. So inspired by so many deeply caring peers. Every speaker hit home with me is so many ways. You all have given me confidence to go with and express who I am. It’s been amazing and I’m going to stay with the Community of Practice. Keep evolving with this group.” ~Nancy

This has been an incredible experience.  A wealth of information; I am totally inspired, more inspired than I have ever been. I am looking forward to the next steps.”  ~Neil

“This has been an incredible three months. I look forward to the Community of Practice and taking the information into my own business and bringing my two partners in to the changes that will happen in my business. For sure we are all changed people now, I certainly am changed.” ~Rebecca Klemke

“We work in the natural foods industry. I’m looking forward to the Community of Practice working with other people. There’s an African proverb, ‘If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.’ This community is showing me that we can go further together.” ~Ross Sinclair

Alan Watkins, Ken Wilber, drew me in. Connections made the difference. Not just know the word Oneness, but in my heart. As my OS being transformed, connected, wisdom drops in.  I didn’t know happiness was possible. I didn’t know joy was possible.” ~Laura
“I heard about this and said “I have to be a part of this.” The Conscious Business Training was so much deeper and richer than I ever could have imagined! I stepped in because I had started a business to deliver mindfulness practices to business, wanting a toolbox to offer clients. Then I realized that my business will benefit greatly from what I’ve learned, too, as I expand my team. In three months I’ve gained immense learning, inspiration and confidence that the business world will shift. I am so inspired by the community! Thank you to Humanity’s Team, the amazing faculty, and to my incredible classmates”. Julie Fraser
“I have so much gratitude and love for all of you. Everytime I listen to a session, my heart expands. It just goes Whoosh! I am grateful for my decision to take this course. I look forward to embracing the future with you all in the Community and at Humanity’s Team.” ~Sandy
“When we started this course, I was part of a team launching heartfulness. We all have laid the foundation for the future. We are part of something very important. This will definitely change the world.” ~James
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