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Oneness in Twelve Spheres of Life

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The Twelve Spheres are presented in alphabetical order using the
continuous range of spectral colors

Click on any of the following sphere names to read more about that sphere: Arts, Economics, Education, Environment, Governance, Health, Infrastructure, Justice, Media, Relations, Science, Spirituality.

The launch of the Humanity’s Team Oneness in Twelve Spheres of Life Initiative forms part of the launch of our Global Oneness Campaign in 2008. With our Oneness Programs well established, this initiative enables us to take Oneness to the next step: to ensure that Oneness is grounded in all spheres of life.

  • The Humanity’s Team Oneness in Twelve Spheres of Life initiative is based on the Wheel of Co-Creation and the ’12 around 1’ model of Barbara Marx Hubbard (Birth 2012) ; a powerful representation of the whole-system shift. The twelve societal spheres comprise the full list of the basic functions of any community. The ’12 around 1’ principle can be seen as representing the stability in nature, and is the basis of the concept of ‘tensegrity’ pioneered by Buckminster Fuller.
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  • In the development of our initiative, we were also inspired by the ideas, thinking, and concepts of the Thrive Movement and Ken Wilber (Integral Approach /Theory of Everything). All three of these leaders can be said to have a mixture of a scientific, intellectual, spiritual, activism, and grassroots focus. 

Please find a link to the summaries of our Research Analysis that includes the main ideas of all three these leaders at the bottom of this page.

  • The wheel and the spheres provide us with a reliable and integrative model for our collective transformation; twelve divisions of the positive fluctuations needed to create a leap to social synergy. The wheel facilitates the natural re-patterning of society to a more harmonious order, away from the predicted catastrophe, through non-linear interaction of positive innovations that are surfacing in all spheres of society.
  • The wheel and the spheres are activated:
- From the inside out. When we tap into the energies of the Cosmos as they are represented in the wheel and the spheres, these become tools for our Inner Journeys. This enables us to consider how we as Spiritual Beings may produce more workable outcomes in these different spheres. 

- Through Spiritual Activism when we create and get involved, connect with, and highlight initiatives and individuals that are involved with and that point to holistic grassroots processes and that facilitate synergy. When we seek common goals and match needs and resources throughout the whole system, rather than remain isolated in pursuits that are not connected. From the point of view of evolution, the wheel represents a vital step forward toward a cooperative world.

In seeing connection we see priority, because when we are connected we become a priority to each other. When there is priority responsibility follows. When we become responsible, we enter into compassionate service. When we walk from the illusion of separation into connection/Oneness, we walk into priority, responsibility, and service, and in so doing we co-create a fulfilling, compassionate and sustainable world. When we are all in priority, responsibility, and service to each other, a virtuous world is created! 
  • People are invited to discover their vocation or destiny through evolutionary hub-practices and activities and to enter the wheel with their creative projects as they fit in with any of the twelve spheres. 
Here, one finds others who may be the partners that one is looking for and whom one can unite and co-create projects and initiatives of all kinds with. Guides and leaders inevitably surface in every sphere to inspire and inform one. It is important to remember that here, we are fostering a more co-creative society and a more participatory, synergistic democracy— not by revolution, but by evolutionary action.
  • The spheres can be seen as a context for “mini-memes;” ideas that hold the seed of the emerging civilization. Every sphere will eventually fill with many social, spiritual, scientific, and technological projects that work, liberate and transform, and that foster sustainability, compassion, and spiritual fulfillment. 

  • When the wheel is fully activated, we will see the new world that is already arising in our midst. It will offer us a coherent picture of humanity as well as our whole planetary system as a living organism. It will tell us where the problems are, who is working to solve them, and where we can find the needed innovations— all organic elements of a living, holistic system of relationships. It will provide for us with ‘the new news of who we are becoming’ in such a way as to continually activate our potential to participate.
  • The wheel is a tool for fostering Social Synergy. As it turns, it pulls everyone forward and takes us across the evolutionary gap from Here, our current state of overpopulation, pollution, resource depletion, war, etc., to There, an ever evolving, sustainable, compassionate, and co-creative world.
  • The goal is to co-create small islands of coherence in the sea of social chaos. Novel elements come together, making rapid connections in order to form a new whole that is both unpredictable and greater than the sum of its parts. The resulting “mutant” system is something radically new. ~Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • Because we believe that it is our incomplete views and beliefs about ourselves/God/Life/One-another that lie at the core of all our predicaments, we want to close the gap between who we think we are and who we really are through our Inner Work and Spiritual Activism programs, in the Twelve Spheres of Life.
  • Oneness is strengthened and expanded in all spheres through the appreciation of all the Main Statements and Initiatives of Humanity’s Team:

In the development of our initiative, we were also inspired by the ideas, thinking, and concepts of the Thrive Movement and Ken Wilber (Integral Approach /Theory of Everything). All three of these leaders can be said to have a mixture of a scientific, intellectual, spiritual, activism, and grassroots focus. 

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