Donation Info

Donation Info

Memorial Gifts

We appreciate gifts that are designated “in memory of” loved ones, family members, friends, classmates, faculty members, and others. We are grateful for those who have uniquely remembered a loved one by making a gift in their memory to support Humanity's Team.

Planned Giving

You may wish to consider making a planned gift to Humanity's Team. With a planned gift, you decide to give a gift at some future date, either a number of years from now or upon your passing. You can designate a 401K or other investment, personal property or land to go to continuing the work of awakening the world to Oneness even after your transition.

How to Make a Memorial  or Planned Gift:

If you would like to make a memorial  or Planned gift, click here to e-mail our fundraising team and someone will get back to you. For a memorial gift, please include  "in memory of" and the name of the person in whose memory you are making the gift.  We will work with you to send a letter to the family acknowledging your gift.

Gifts of Real Estate

You can make gifts to Humanity's Team of a portion or all of a piece of real estate that can be sold and the proceeds used in a charitable project or to set up a Donor Advised Fund. If you would like to talk to someone about a gift of real estate, click here to e-mail our fundraising team and someone will give you a call.

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