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Introduction to the Conscious Business Training Course

Course Description: What is the Introduction to Conscious Business Training Course?

The Introduction to Conscious Business Training Course is the newest addition to Humanity’s Team’s Conscious Business program. It offers a low-cost ($300) entry point for those who may still be uncertain if the path offered by the Conscious Business Initiative is the right path for them. It also serves as a great introduction for those already eager to get started on their Conscious Business path.

This six-week online course is intended to deepen and expand your connection to the inner spark that led you to the Conscious Business Initiative. It will give you a comprehensive tour of the entire scope of Conscious Business and invite you into exploration of your own personal role in this unfolding, planet-changing story. Structured around the Conscious Business Wisdom Framework and the Conscious Business Global Change Model, it introduces you to concepts, practices & tools at four different levels of agency: personal, interpersonal, organizational, and inter-organizational.

Along the way you will be introduced to some of the teachings and instructors from the Conscious Business Foundational Training curriculum and to current members of the Conscious Business Community of Practice.

Course Objectives

  • Awaken: to the urgent need for Conscious Business
  • Inform: Scope, Content, Benefits of Conscious Business Initiative
  • Connect: With Fellow Participants and Community of Practice members
  • Activate: Catalyze Engaged Action -- Activate Personal Conscious Business Journeys

Course Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, you will:
  1. Have a deeper understanding of what Conscious Business is all about;
  2. Have a clearer sense of the unique role you are being called to play and greater awareness of the resources available to assist you on your journey
  3. Feel a growing sense of connection with the Conscious Business community,
  4. Have greater clarity about whether to continue your Conscious Business journey by joining the Conscious Business Community of Practice, and enrolling in the full Conscious Business Foundational Training program, possibly followed by the CBCA Certification program.

Course Elements

  • Pre-Recorded Videos with concepts, practices & tools in various areas of Conscious Business, drawing on the teachings from CBI’s World-Class Foundational Training instructors
  • Six 90 Minute Live, Interactive Instructor-Led sessions (audio and video via Zoom)
  • Six 90 Minute Online Community Building Sessions (including break-outs with other training participants and already Certified Conscious Business Change Agents (CBCA)
  • Introduction to Conscious Business Training Website: your one-stop shop for course logistics, course materials, course schedule, online discussions, help pages & FAQ

Course Structure

Each week includes a 90 minute, live, instructor-led session and a 90 minute Community Building Discussion Group. Some weeks will also include pre-recorded videos for viewing on your own time prior to the instructor-led session. The Discussion Groups include break-outs into smaller interactive (virtual) rooms. Some weeks, the break-out rooms offer you the opportunity to jointly explore thought- (and heart-) provoking questions related to Conscious Business while getting to know your fellow training class participants. Other weeks, the break-outs will offer live Q & A sessions with some of our Certified Conscious Business Change Agents (CBCA). All of these change agents have been through the full Conscious Business Foundational Training Program and the CBCA Certification Process and are now embarked on projects that are putting the principles of the Conscious Business Declaration into action. These sessions offer a great opportunity for you to ask them about their journeys and the challenges they faced during their journey.

Course Schedule

To be repeated in July

Pre-recorded videos will also be provided at least 1 week in advance of each Wednesday class for viewing at your convenience prior to the Wednesday class each week.

All class sessions are recorded and the recordings and class materials will be posted to the Introduction to Conscious Business Training Web Site.

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Is this Course For Me? Is Conscious Business Part of Your Personal Journey?

If you’ve gotten to the point of reading this, there is some part of you that is resonating with the Conscious Business Declaration and the potential to be part of a global community aimed at manifesting a very new model for business in the world. A model that challenges the deepest assumptions upon which the current model of business is based. A new model that is life-affirming and regenerative in the biosphere and can lead to personal, collective and global well-being.

Perhaps you recognize that business has unrivaled power to connect those with needs with those with the capacity to meet those needs… that it fires the creative imagination, leading to previously unimaginable innovation… that it is likely the greatest driver shaping the evolution of our planet…
           … but you also see clearly that the current standard of business is not working… for the planet, for people, or for business.

Perhaps you have enjoyed a successful career in the business world, developing many skills and talents…
           … but are finding it more and more difficult to reconcile the ends to which your gifts are being used with your growing sense of what the earth and its interconnected living systems need to flourish.

Perhaps you don’t think of yourself as a “business person” at all. You may identify primarily as an artist and/or activist and/or a heart-worker volunteering at a non-profit/NGO aligned with a cause you feel deeply about…
           … but your dwindling financial reserves are forcing you to spend time in the “unconscious economy” in order to put food on the table, shelter overhead, provide for your family, educate your children.

Perhaps you have been on a deep spiritual journey leading to higher stages of consciousness…
          … but your heart-break at what is unfolding in the world is calling you to right-action and right livelihood.

In these or a number of other ways, you may feel drawn to the Conscious Business Initiative, but may still be uncertain if the path offered by the Conscious Business Initiative is the right path for you?

Helping you answer this critical question is the reason we created the Introduction to Conscious Business Course.

Course Instructors
Steve Farrell

Steve Farrell is the Worldwide Executive Director for Humanity's Team, a global grassroots spiritual movement focused on awakening and embodying Oneness so humanity may enjoy a sustainable world of peace, harmony and happiness.  Humanity’s Team presently has over 500,000 friends in over 150 countries.

Ozioma Egwuonwu

Ozioma Egwuonwu is an internationally renowned speaker, writer, teacher and transformational strategist. She is the CEO of BurnBright International, a global consultancy she founded to help individuals, businesses, and communities reach their full potential.

George Kao

George Kao has been a business coach for 7 years full-time, helping clients create their true livelihood. His specialty is helping people grow their ideal audience through honest online marketing.

Peter Matthies

Peter Matthies is the founder of the Conscious Business Institute, which provides a new paradigm for business and leadership for global corporations including BMW Group, Intel, or Allianz Group.

Alain Gauthier

As an international consultant, facilitator, coach, educator, and author Alain focuses his work on developing co-leadership. He is passionate about integrating the inner and outer dimensions of change and leadership, both at the individual and collective levels, in the service of a new development paradigm.

Steve Melville

In January, 2016, Steve left Oracle, fully committed to applying his technical talents and experience to addressing the deep systemic causes of our growing existential planetary crises. In November, 2016, Steve joined John Thomas as a Co-Director of Humanity’s Team’s Conscious Business Initiative.

Module Name
Module Description
Module Outcomes
Module 1: Orientation to CB and the Course
Steve Melville & Steve Farrell
This module is intended to welcome you to your Conscious Business journey. It gives you deeper sense of the why & what of Conscious Business and an overview of the course itself. We will dive into our first interactive Q & A and include some experiential exercises. This week's session also provides the opportunity for you to interact with some of your fellow course participants and provide feedback to us about your expectations for the course. We have flexibility in how we conduct this course, so getting early awareness of your expectations is important.
At the conclusion of this module you should have:
  • A workable understanding of the intent and structure of the Introduction to Conscious Business Training Course
  • A clear sense of the case for Conscious Business and the possibility of an alternative standard for business based on the principles of the Conscious Business Declaration
  • Awareness of your own personal felt experience when considering both the implications of continuing with the current standard for business as well as the world that is possible if we adopt a new standard for business.
  • A connection to some of the other participants within the course.
Module 2: Where Do You Want to Go?
Steve Melville
In order to discover your personal Conscious Business path, it helps to have some understanding of the territory in which you will be traveling.
At the conclusion of this module you should have:
  • A "big-picture" view of the full breadth of Conscious Business.
  • A high-level understanding of the four areas in which transformation is necessary in order to achieve a change at planetary scale
  • Some familiarity with an initial set of possible Conscious Business destinations  -- i.e., places you may be drawn towards on your own journey.
  • Connection with existing Certified Conscious Business Change Agents and a high-level awareness of a cross-section of CBCA projects
    Module 3: Personal and Interpersonal Transformations

    Peter Matthies & Alain Gauthier
    This module draws on the extensive experience of two leading Conscious Business practitioners. Peter Matthies and Alain Gauthier share proven principles and practices within the Personal and Interpersonal regions of the Conscious Business Wisdom Framework.

    Peter Matthies introduces key principles for remaining conscious and empowered in challenging, pressure-cooker situations – both at work and at home. It’s easy to remain conscious when things go smoothly. But when we are pressured or emotionally triggered, things tend to go south. That’s when our relationships suffer. That’s when we revert to the old practices in business. Peter offers specific approaches to remaining in your authentic power when things get heated. By applying these principles, you can actually use conflict to build trust and improve relationships -- giving you the foundation for building more fulfilling and functioning relationships at home and at work.

    Alain Gauthier introduces a family of leadership approaches referred to as Evolutionary Co-Leadership. He demonstrates why new forms of leadership are urgently needed. Alain then draws on both his own extensive experience as well as potent concepts and practices distilled from other evolutionary leaders to identify the essential qualities needed to address the inter-connected complexities of the issues facing today's leaders. Alain also offers some concrete, specific Personal  & Interpersonal practices that help you become an Evolutionary Leader?
    At the conclusion of this module you will have been introduced to principles and practices that enable you to:
    • Handle stress and pressure in a more empowered way
    • Know how to use conflict situations to improve any relationship
    • Understand why struggle & conflicts arise in your life
    • Know the underling driver for your “out-of-power” behaviors
    • Understand why new forms of leadership urgently needed
    • Understand what some of these new forms of leadership look like
    • Understand what qualities characterize Evolutionary Co-Leadership?
    Module 4: Organizational and Inter-Organizational Transformations
    Ozioma Egwuonwu & Steve Melville
    This module expands the focus of concepts, principles and practices for making a difference in the world into the Organizational and Inter-Organizational regions of the Conscious Business Wisdom Framework.

    Steve Melville shares key findings emerging from recent research (most notably by Frederic Laloux) on the key characteristics of Conscious Organizations. This research reveals some remarkable similarities among different organizations despite their being unaware each other's existence when this research began. 

    Learn how, when leaders approach their organization from an authentic, integral stage of consciousness it completely transforms virtually all of the processes of their organization. Conscious Organizations are also exhibiting novel governance structures and models -- alternatives to both the traditional top-down power-dissemination hierarchies and the egalitarian consensus models.

    Steve then shows how these decentralized structures and governance models are being extended, fractally, into networks of organizations. This is leading to the emergence of new evolutionary enterprises that exhibit the transformational shift beautifully expressed by the Rev. Michael Beckwith as moving from "Businesses with Missions" to "Missions with Businesses".

    Ozioma beautifully illustrates these shift as she highlights the impacts that are possible through business and community partnership. She offers specific guidance on both the mindset and the methods for becoming a Business Community Catalyst -- that is, "a business that engages a community as an agent of change, igniting significant shifts and fostering unprecedented, positive transformational results." She places the work of Conscious Evolutionary Entrepreneurs in the context of the evolutionary story of economies, whose focus has shifted from commodities to goods to services to experiences to transformation. Ozioma describes how transformational impact requires both inner alignment and outer agility and presents tangible community building practices. These practices come to light when Ozioma takes a deeper dive into her use of transformational engagement practices in the community partnership she helped foster in Newburgh NY as a case study. Enjoy an "insiders-view" into the inspiration and process used to co-create this vibrant partnership.

    This module also provides another opportunity for you learn about our Certified Conscious Business Change Agent (CBCA) projects and to interact with the Certified CBCA's who are leading these projects.
    At the conclusion of this module, you should:
    • Understand the three principle features that Conscious Organizations exhibit.
    • Understand the profound impact that Conscious Leadership has on all aspects of an organization.
    • Have a high-level awareness of the new types of governance and decision-making models that Conscious Organizations are discovering
    • Gain a sense of how new ways of inter-connecting organizations into collaborative eco-systems are breaking down the traditional distinctions between profit and non-profit organizations, public and private sector, stakeholder and shareholder through a range of new partnership models.
    • Have expanded your view on the possibilities and transformational impacts of community / business partnerships.
    • Have a deeper understanding of both the mindset and methods that form the basis of Conscious Evolutionary Entrepreneurship.
    • Develop strategies that unleash the power of oneness through transformational impact.
    • Gain a clearer sense of the possibilities for your own personal Conscious Business destination and what it will take to reach it.
    Module 5: Becoming a Change Agent
    George Kao
    Having completed our tour of the Conscious Business Wisdom Framework, we now to turn to some very pragmatic issues related to actually taking the bold step of starting your business — whether it be as a CB consultant, CB Coach or an Entrepreneur.  An aspiring Conscious Business can fall short on either the consciousness side, by relying on approaches and practices rooted in separation, rather than Oneness or on the business side, by failing to become a healthy, viable concern, capable of creating abundance. George Kao has helped many entrepreneurs navigate these waters. And George himself models exactly that authenticity in his own coaching practice. Everything he shares is forged in the crucible of his own experience.

    In this module, George provides practical guidance for addressing the many concrete decisions through which your vision for an authentic, heart-centered business can either be advanced or derailed. He has a knack for boiling things down to very simple, pragmatic steps.  How do I find my target market (and know whether it is real or not)? How do I decide what to give away and what to charge for? How much should I charge? How do I go attract customers, stay agile and responsive, and productive while maintaining a healthy life balance?
    At the conclusion of this module, you should:
    • Know the most important considerations for a coaching/consulting business
    • Know practical tips that effectively market and conduct your business in a way feels benevolent, caring
    • Feel confident that tools, practices and a support network are there to help you be successful
      Module 6: Plan Your Journey
      Steve Melville
      This module is about synthesizing what you have discovered about Conscious Business and your unique calling within it. The prior modules have given you a tour of the Conscious Business landscape, introduced you to some possible destinations (Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Intrepreneur, Author, etc.) and exposed you to some of the concepts, principles, tools and practices that enable personal, interpersonal, organizational, and inter-organizational transformation. Along the way you have had the opportunity to interact with some of the faculty from the Conscious Business Initiative's Foundational Training program as well as existing Certified Conscious Business Change Agents. As the course draws to a close, it is time to consider your next steps. What is wanting to emerge through you? What destination is drawing you? What will it take to get there? Who will be your traveling companions?
      At the conclusion of this module, you should:
      • Have a clear sense of what Conscious Business destination is calling you.
      • Understand what it will take to get there
      • Have a plan for reaching your desired destination
        Here is a first-hand account from John Thomas, Founding Director of our Conscious Business Initiative:

        “When I was working in the high tech field at Intel, I remember feeling fear about becoming a conscious business change agent. When we look at the state of business culture today, this can seem like a scary step - even terrifying. But once I made that choice, I experienced what conscious business change agents universally report.

        This step enriched my life in ways I couldn't even imagine when I made it! I began to feel happier and more at ease at work... and in all areas of my life. I became more deeply aware that I was part of something bigger than me, and as my sense of mission and purpose grew, I had more energy and creativity as a leader."

        Testimonials from Previous Trainings
        “It’s been a phenomenal journey that touched my heart so much. The course material really opened me up. We just scratched the surface of what is truly possible for humanity. I’m totally lit up by this whole thing.”
        ~ Glenn Weissel, Certified EGCMethod® Coach

        “Increasing Consciousness for myself and others has been my purpose for a long while. I have qualified as a Business Coach with Emotional Intelligence and started volunteering for HT, where I came across CBI. This training has been one of the best I have done in my whole life. The concepts explained and the high caliber, conscious teachers are of incredible value for one's growth. Becoming a CCBA will be completed this year as I undergo my project, which will be indeed, to create this conscious company that will approach large multinational companies to inspire them to change their ways into the way of the Heart, as we come in Oneness by increasing their consciousness while still making profits.“
        ~ Gema Ramirez, Business Coach

        “I want to say to everyone, I am so grateful I found this group. So inspired by so many deeply caring peers. Every speaker hit home with me is so many ways. You all have given me confidence to go with and express who I am. It’s been amazing and I’m going to stay with the Community of Practice. Keep evolving with this group.” ~ Nancy

        “This has been an incredible experience.  A wealth of information; I am totally inspired, more inspired than I have ever been. I am looking forward to the next steps.”  ~ Neil

        “This has been an incredible three months. I look forward to the Community of Practice and taking the information into my own business and bringing my two partners in to the changes that will happen in my business. For sure we are all changed people now, I certainly am changed.” ~ Rebecca Klemke

        “I heard about this and said 'I have to be a part of this.' The Conscious Business Training was so much deeper and richer than I ever could have imagined! I stepped in because I had started a business to deliver mindfulness practices to business, wanting a toolbox to offer clients. Then I realized that my business will benefit greatly from what I’ve learned, too, as I expand my team. In three months I’ve gained immense learning, inspiration and confidence that the business world will shift. I am so inspired by the community! Thank you to Humanity’s Team, the amazing faculty, and to my incredible classmates”. ~ Julie Fraser

        Glenn Weissel
        Gema Ramirez
        Rebecca Klemke
        Julie Fraser
        If you have questions about the Conscious Business Initiative, Declaration, Training and Certification, or Community of Practice, please e-mail us at
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