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Dear Friend, 

Ken Wilber is not only one of the world’s greatest living philosophers of the mind, he is also a personal friend of Humanity’s Team.  In Denver, he has met with Humanity’s Team Global Council twice (May 2013 & May 2015); during both visits Ken was gracious, extraordinary and compelling. Ken has also been a guest speaker and supporter of the Global Oneness Day Telesummit several times (October 24th every year). 

This year we are happy to announce that Humanity’s Team Global council has unanimously voted for Ken to receive our 2016 Spiritual Leadership Award. Ken will join the ranks of Neale Donald Walsch, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Nelson Mandela (posthumously), Michael Beckwith and Rickie Byars Beckwith as other recipients of this award.  We will announce details of this celebration as we prepare to honor Ken this May.

Because we admire Ken and his teachings, we also want to share information about Full Spectrum Mindfulness, a groundbreaking new web course taught by Ken, himself.

Full Spectrum Mindfulness is based upon the very best Western approaches to "Growing Up" as well as the very best Eastern methods of "Waking Up" - bringing ancient wisdom and modern science together into one of the most comprehensive, deeply transformative meditation programs available today.

Check out the web course here:

This remarkable course combines hard-hitting mindfulness practice with leading-edge discoveries in neuroscience and developmental psychology, helping you to dramatically deepen your awareness and skill by tapping into the power of mindfulness at eight different levels of your life, mindset, patterns, and behavior.

This is truly something special, and I definitely encourage you to check it out.

In Oneness,

Steve Farrell
Worldwide Executive Director
On behalf of everyone in Humanity’s Team
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