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Life often surprises us. Join Steve Farrell, Worldwide Executive Director of Humanity's Teamand Pierre Pradervand, prolific speaker and authorof the wonderful book, The Gentle Art of Blessing and Messages of Life from Death Row. The topic of their discussion will focus on forgiveness. You may not expect what you hear.  

The call takes place this Thursday, May 5th at 9:00 amLos Angeles, CA time (PDT)

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Pierre has worked for decades in personal development social justice. His impressive career includes work on nearly every continent, and as a speaker and workshop facilitator, Pierre is often gives talks on the topic of how to live differently. In his workshops, he provides personal development tools that empower everyone to find and strengthen their internal anchors.

Here is a small excerpt from a piece Pierre wrote called "A Stunning Lesson on Forgiveness."

That night, [Meena's husband] turned on the kitchen gas and committed suicide, taking the two children along with him. Later during the night, the electricity, which had been disconnected in the whole region, was put on again. A lose spark created an explosion in the gas filled house, and everything burned down. In one night, Meena lost her beloved children, her husband and absolutely everything she owned on earth - everything.

This is a profound call you won't want to miss. The conversation will take a turn that might astonish you.  

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