Dear Friend, 

Planet Earth is in pretty serious trouble... which means WE are in trouble.

From the toxins in our food systems, to the garbage masses in our oceans, to the extinction of entire species of plants and animals... we’re facing enormous challenges and it’s easy to feel hopeless, even helpless.

However, solutions DO exist and every day, more and more incredible people are rolling up their sleeves and finding creative ways to fix what we once feared unfixable!

Plus, we now have access to an abundance of cutting-edge technologies, effective community organizing platforms and revolutionary, life-giving ideas!

Join me, along with 20+ other esteemed experts, leaders, innovators, activists and scientists for Earth Day Summit 2016 - where we’ll be sharing our visionary insights and inspired actions for a healthy, sustainable and THRIVING planet. That’s How!

I will be talking about:
  • Seeing the spiritual connection between humanity and the Earth
  • Consciously living as One with the Earth and all Life on Earth
  • Becoming an Ambassador for the Earth and all Life on Earth
Earth Day Summit 2016
April 22, 2016

RSVP here for Earth Day Summit 2016 - at no charge!

I’ll be joined by people like Starhawk, Kenny Ausubel, Vicki Robin, Chief Phil Lane, Jr., David Crow, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and more!

You’ll be fully engaged in what world-renowned ecologist Joanna Macy calls The Great Turning, “the essential adventure of our time: the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.”

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll expand your sense of HOPE and possibilities for change while connecting with a global community of like-minded agents for change.

Whether you’re looking to create a more eco-friendly lifestyle, discover sustainable practices for your family, or are involved in urban planning and development, you’ll discover innovative solutions, cutting-edge practices and effective applications for igniting the change that’s needed in your sphere of influence.

So join me, and let’s put our hearts and minds into saving our planet...

Visit HERE for information & details - Earth Day Summit 2016

In Oneness,

Steve Farrell
Worldwide Executive Director
Humanity's Team

PS - During this special event, you’ll discover:
  • Practical steps & innovative solutions for living in harmony with Mother Earth
  • Trusted resources & expert guidance for making sustainable life choices
  • A vibrant community of kindred spirits mobilizing globally to create a thriving planet
  • Powerful methods for increasing community engagement
  • Ways to take action on local levels as well as national legislative action
And much much more!

RSVP here for Earth Day Summit 2016 - at no charge!

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