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Overview of the Conscious Business Initiative
This 50-minute video outlines the compelling case for Conscious Business and an provides an overview of the Conscious Business Initiative Program. The video focuses on answering 3 key questions:
  • Why is Conscious Business vitally important?
  • What is the Conscious Business Initiative?
  • How can you make a difference?

March 31, 2017: Enroll in our new Introduction to Conscious Business Training Course before April 10th

After months of preparation, we are excited to offer a pragmatic path for signers of the Conscious Business Declaration to act on their awakened impulse to make a difference in the world. This six-week online course begins April 12th and runs through May 19th, 2017.

Our new Introduction to Conscious Business Course offers the opportunity for you to deepen your understanding and connection to the growing Conscious Business movement. Priced at $300, it offers a low-cost opportunity for you to discover if the Conscious Business path is calling you. The course provides a comprehensive tour of the entire scope of Conscious Business and invites participants into exploration of their own personal role in this unfolding, planet-changing story.

Each week includes a 90-minute, live, instructor-led session and a 90-minute Community Building Peer Discussion Group. Grounded in the Conscious Business Wisdom Framework and the Conscious Business Global Change Model, the course provides an overview of concepts, practices & tools at four different levels of agency: personal, interpersonal, organizational, and inter-organizational. Along the way it introduces some of the teachings and instructors from the Conscious Business Foundational Training and Certification curriculum as well as current members of the Conscious Business Community of Practice.

Enrollment for this course ends on April 10th and enrollment is limited. We encourage you to act now.

March 30, 2017: 3,000 people have now signed the Conscious Business Declaration!

Momentum is building! Today we reached a key milestone on our goal to have 10,000 signers.

Signing the declaration is an important and symbolic act representing an inner shift -- a shift away from disengagement, despair, or outrage over the current direction of the Unconscious Economy and towards the positive manifestation of new models and new possibilities -- a new standard for business in the 21st Century. Shared commitment to the principles of the Declaration is the common bond that ties together our diverse eco-system of individuals and organizations -- aligned to a common purpose.

For many, this shift at the core of their Being also kindles an impulse to awakened action. With the rollout of our new Conscious Business Initiative Training & Certification offerings, there are now concrete steps you can take today in response to that impulse.

Organizational Changes in CBI
As of March 2017, John Thomas will transition from a day-to-day leadership role as a Co-Director of the Conscious Business Initiative (CBI) to an advisory role for Humanity’s Team. John played a huge role in co-founding CBI and helping to put it on the path to change the world. And so it is with mixed emotions that we accept his change in roles, but we look forward to a continuing relationship with him going forward in his new capacity.

Kristin Vesa, a graduate of the CBI program, and a very active leader within Humanity’s Team, will transition into John’s role. Kristin has an impressive background, including over two decades of consulting with Ernst & Young and various consulting assignments with other organizations. Kristin holds a Masters in Engineering and an International M.B.A. from The Thunderbird School of Global Management. Steve Melville will continue to partner with Kristin as Co-Director of CBI.

We are also delighted to announce that Penny Heiple has accepted the role of CBI Operations Director. This constitutes a formal recognition of the huge role she has been playing throughout the history of the CBI. Penny may be the most visible person to our Community of Practice members because of her active participation in so many community events, her front-line support role, and her continuous dedication to ensuring virtually every aspect of the Conscious Business Initiative program runs smoothly. We are lucky to have a person whose capacity to see the big picture while also sweating the details is only exceeded by her magnificent heart.

Join the Conscious Business 
Community of Practice

The Humanity’s Team Conscious Business Community of Practice is designed to sustain, support, and expand the capabilities of all its members. Members can participate in specialized forums to share business transformation knowledge, form partnerships, and participate in exclusive training events with leading experts in business transformation. Can you imagine the sheer magnitude of power you would have with the support of a group of committed Certified Conscious Business Agents? Let's make that vision a reality…. More
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