Be In Community

Be In Community
  • Community Circle

  • Prayer, Intention & Meditation

  • Book Club

We invite you on the path to being in community: Community Circle, Prayer, Intention & Meditation Group, and Book Club.

Community Circle is for those of you who feel drawn to connect with your deepest purpose, be part of a community of loving, spiritually consecrated beings, and express, embody, and awaken to the Divine Source of all life. In Community Circle, we share a common commitment to awakening and living in Oneness and advancing a compassionate world that works for all. Diversity is welcome here. Whatever your spiritual background (or lack thereof), we recognize and welcome you as an essential, unique expression of the Divine.

Humanity's Team presents monthly Power of Prayer calls with host Rev. Michele Sevacko, Ph.D. Register here for dial-in information and webcast link.   All are welcome to this powerful group call that comes together to pray for loved ones, themselves and others.

Weekly discussion group gets together to read and discuss Neale Donald Walsch books. We are starting Conversations with God book 1, on Sunday, March 6th at 11am Los Angeles California time.
Community Circle

Meet like-minded people & support Humanity's Team.
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Prayer & Meditation

Join powerful group of people who come together in prayer.

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Book Clubs

Every Sunday a discussion takes place with one Neale Donald Walsch's books.
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