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Conscious Business Training & Certification

The Conscious Business Initiative offers a structured program aimed at enabling you to become a difference maker by helping to co-create the Conscious Economy. Start with our Introduction to Conscious Business training course to get grounded in the full scope of Conscious Business and discover your own unique calling. From the introductory class you can then join our Community of Practice and enroll in our Conscious Business Training Program. Graduates of the Conscious Business Training Program can then continue into our Conscious Business Change Agent Certification Program.

Introduction to the Conscious Business Training Course

To be repeated in July
Course Objectives:
  •     Awaken: to the urgent need for Conscious Business
  •     Inform: Scope, Content, Benefits of CB Program
  •     Connect: With Fellow Participants and Community of Practice members
  •     Activate: Catalyze Engaged Action -- Activate Personal CB Journeys

Conscious Business Training & Certification

Humanity’s Team’s Conscious Business Training and Certification Program utilizes a structured methodology to teach people how to become Conscious Business Change Agents. Once you’ve completed your training you will have the tools you need to transform a business. Your role as a Change Agent is incredibly important! And The Conscious Business Initiative will guide you through the entire process -- through training, certification and beyond with the Conscious Business Community of Practice.

CB Change Agent Certification

Who should become a certified Conscious Business Change Agent (CBCA)?
  • If you already have a deep experience of Oneness or interconnection with all life and you are ready to embody that deeper experience in your professional life.
  • If you are you working in a position of influence or leadership within an existing business, or are an entrepreneur driven to birth a new enterprise, or are coach or consultant and you want to help lead companies through this critical transformation.
  • If you want be a pioneer in an emerging field of consulting.
  • If you want your work to align with your values.
  • If you want new business opportunities in a burgeoning field that will only become bigger.
If you have questions about the Conscious Business Initiative, Declaration, Training and Certification, or Community of Practice, please e-mail us at cbisupport@humanitysteam.org.
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