CBCA Certification for Tom Bougsty

Conscious Business Change Agent Certification for Tom Bougsty

Tom Bougsty

As a business owner and a psychologist practicing for over 35 years, I feel responsible to expand my work from the personal and community levels to address our growing societal and global problems. Along these lines,   I have recently written two books, Healthy Sustainable Living: A Vision for the Future of Humanity and Healthy Living: How to Create a Personal Health Plan. Presently,   I am finishing a more comprehensive book, Transform the World into a Healthy and Sustainable Future. In addition, since the business community represents what appears as the most powerful change agent on the planet, I have proposed seven webinars to transform businesses from the inside out to produce operations, as well as products and services that can contribute to the development of a healthy sustainable future.

Contact Information:

Tom Bougsty
TomBougsty @gmail.com

    Conscious Business Change Agent (CBCA) Project Description:
    How to Develop Healthy Sustainable Businesses

    Project Description:

    This project introduces seven webinars designed to transform the business community to function based on assumptions and practices necessary for our continued economic success in the 21st century. These webinars include how to develop businesses and their services, so they fulfill the two underlying needs necessary for us to perform in all other areas of life— sustainable living (survival) and healthy living (growth and maintenance). The webinars range from healthy living, healthy sustainable living, global ethical living, healing personal and societal problems, enlivening our spiritual human being nature, and systematically developing cooperative relationships designed to benefit the business, consumers, the public, and the planet simultaneously. Businesses need to develop into healthy sustainable enterprises that lead the world into a viable future for all. I invite anyone interested in learning to train businesses, so they can meet this historic challenge, to join me in this Conscious Business Initiative. Continuing web support groups will be provided to facilitate further consultations, coaching, and training.
    Value Proposition:

    Businesses have the opportunity to become conscious that their success depends on the continual success of people and the planet. Consequently, both people and the planet must be sustainable and healthy for businesses to survive and thrive. Therefore, businesses need to evolve to prioritize serving the health and sustainability of the planet and its ecosystems, as well as the growth and avoidance of destruction related to people. Accordingly, economic success in the 21st century needs to evolve to value the health and sustainability of all as more important than our traditional 18th century versions of success that depend primarily on profits. In this process, businesses will learn practical skills on how to improve the performance and well-being of employees, as they conscientiously develop healthy sustainable products and services that benefit consumers, the public, and the planet at the same time.

    Target Audience:

    Initially, new start-up businesses will be trained; then, existing small enterprises will be followed by training businesses throughout the world. These training webinars apply universally and offer a life-supporting pathway from which businesses can lead the world to create a healthy sustainable future that works for all.

      If you have questions about the Conscious Business Initiative, Declaration, Training and Certification, or Community of Practice, please e-mail us at cbisupport@humanitysteam.org.
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