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Conscious Business Training & Certification Program

The Time for Conscious Business is Now!

Many of you may be wondering if the time is right for business transformation. Is the world ready? Are businesses ready? All indicators point to the timing is right. Never before have so many factors come together in support of a Conscious Business revolution. The world wants this!
Once you’ve completed your training you will have the tools you need to transform a business. Your role as a Change Agent is incredibly important! And The Conscious Business Initiative will guide you through the entire process -- through training, certification and beyond with the Conscious Business Community of Practice. So what are you waiting for?

Consumers have a second sense -- they know when a company’s agenda is about more than just profit. Conscious businesses have an edge with today’s consumer base who value profit with a purpose:
  • Employees become passionate about nurturing and growing the business, and employee retention soars.
  • Customers flock to businesses and customer satisfaction goes through the roof!
  • New recruits are drawn to the business.
  • Revenues and profits can skyrocket!
  • Communities recognize conscious business and will lavishly support it.

Testimonials from Two Students from the Spring 2016 Training

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If you have questions about the Conscious Business Initiative, Declaration, Training and Certification, or Community of Practice, please e-mail us at cbisupport@humanitysteam.org.

Conscious Business Training and Certification Curriculum & Faculty

We’ve recruited the highest caliber faculty to deliver the curriculum for the Conscious Business Training and Certification.
Here was the lineup for the Fall 2016 training. Look for updates coming soon.

Introduction to the Program

Introduction to the Conscious Business Declaration & Training
With Steve Farrell and John Thomas (Humanity’s Team)
  • Discuss the essential guiding principles in the Conscious Business Declaration 
  • Review the path ahead for the conscious business training program
  • Participate in the conscious business community of practice
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Conscious Business Vision & Inspiration

The Integral Model as a Framework for Conscious Business
With Ken Wilber (Integral Institute) 
  • Seeing business as inherently one with the Divine, humanity, and all of life
  • An integral view of business as a force in human evolution
  • Understanding how “waking up” and “growing up” are both essential for transforming ourselves and the organizations we lead
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The Biology of Business
With Elisabet Sahtouris (Life Web)
  • Lessons from biology in describing our evolutionary and maturation process
  • A new story: from mechanistic and competitive to self-creating and cooperative
  • Business as a vehicle for evolution and the maturation of humanity

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Conscious Business as Sacred Activism
With Andrew Harvey (Institute for Sacred Activism)
  • Learn how sacred activism can transform business leadership
  • Explore your role as a conscious business change agent through the lens of sacred activism
  • Utilize the powerful force of sacred activism in healing our planet and its inhabitants

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Business as an Agent for World Benefit 
With Chris Laszlo (Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, Case Western Reserve University)
        •    Shift in business from the primacy of shareholder value to creating prosperity and flourishing for all
        •    Moving from “sustainability” to “flourishing”
        •    Transforming consciousness as the greatest point of leverage for the new leadership orientation

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    Business Transformation Skills and Practices 

    The Journey to Higher Ground Leadership®
    With Dr. Lance Secretan, (Author, Advisor and Leadership Pioneer)
    • How “leadership” is not what we need now—it is “Inspiration”
    • Tapping the inspiration within you that will enable you to inspire Self (The Spark) others, (The Flame) and that will change the world (The Torch) [from The Spark, the Flame and the Torch]
    • Reinventing our language and understanding of relationships (to people and everything else) to express the magic of love, connection, and oneness in words that business leaders can relate to and understand
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    Business, Earth Stewardship and Evolutionary Leadership
    With Adam C. Hall (EarthKeeper Alliance)
    • Learn how four key practices of Conscious entrepreneurs can up-level their business and the planet.
    • Gain strategies for creating a business that serves the greater good of the whole and utilizes the energy of Earth as a resource and not as means to an end.
    • Learn why the top line is as important as the bottom line.

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    Building and Transforming Corporate Culture: The Foundation
    With Laura Pedro (Think & Grow CEO)
    • Develop a fundamental framework for cultural transformation
    • Prepare yourself to bridge reality and intention
    • Get your hands on the levers that make culture accessible and malleable

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    Creating Corporate Mindfulness Programs
    With Lindsay Benjamin (Intel)
    • Applying mindfulness to work relationships, innovation, leadership
    • Effectively selling or promoting mindfulness programs within corporate culture in a way that addresses urgent business needs
    • Effective methods for measuring before and after results

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    Creating a Oneness Culture
    With Steve Farrell (Humanity’s Team)
    • Humanity’s Team ten key principles for a culture of Oneness
    • Stages of organization’s cultural development: from spirit-driven in concept to spirit-driven as something we are embodying in service to Divine Oneness
    • Keys to Humanity’s Team growth – serving over 500,000 friends in over 150 countries worldwide
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    Mindful Engagement for Empowering Collective Brilliance
    With Hank Queen (Iosis Collective)
    • Creating heart-based engagement methods that have resolved major conflicts at Boeing and other large corporations
    • Enabling new models for employee empowerment yielding dramatic improvements in productivity, team satisfaction, and profitability
    • Enabling people to bring their hearts and minds to bear on work and life

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    Radically Changing Business Leadership and Organizations
    With Alan Watkins (Complete Coherence)
    • Creating organizations inspired by the next stage of human consciousness
    • Characteristics of business that embody the emerging integral paradigm
    • Practical steps for implementing the new holistic organizational model

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    Business Integrity and Financial Transparency
    With Matthew H. Levin (Windham Brannon, P.C.)
    • Having complete economic, social, and financial transparency in the operation of your company
    • New metrics for business success that move beyond profit to encompass key principles of the Conscious Business Declaration
    • How to operate a business grounded in integrity top to bottom

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    Building an Evolutionary Co-Leadership Field
    With Alain Gauthier (Core Leadership Development)
    • Exploring what it means and what it takes to transcend and include both individual leadership and communal leadership into evolutionary co-leadership – from an integral perspective.
    • Examining what personal, inter-personal, and systemic shifts are needed in making such a move.
    • Reflecting on how evolutionary co-leadership will best meet the need to develop large numbers of conscious leaders in and across all sectors of society.
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    Conscious Business in Conflict and Pressure Cooker Situations
    With Peter Matthies (Conscious Business Institute)
    • Remain in your authentic power in high-pressure & conflict situations
    • Learn the repeated behavior that’s causing stress & conflict in our lives & businesses
    • Learn about the steps to overcome stress & struggle
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    Business as Community Catalyst
    With Ozioma Egwuonwu (BurnBright)
    • Activate and embody the mindset and methods of Conscious Evolutionary Entrepreneurship in your business or organization.
    • Integrate and align the connections between individuals, businesses, and communities.
    • Create a strategic roadmap for business - community engagement and co-creation.
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    Transforming Business with Appreciative Inquiry and Theory-U
    With Ilma Barros-Pose (Fowler Center)
    • The power of connection - how connected people, teams, organizations, and communities can lead to a thriving world
    • Using Theory-U methods to presence the future that is seeking to emerge
    • Using Appreciative Inquiry to transforms problem solving in business

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    Building Your Capacity to Lead and Inspire Change 

    Creating a Successful Coaching/Consulting Practice Based on Oneness Values
    With George Kao (George Kao Consulting)
    • Create a foundation and overall plan for a coaching business that delivers freedom, fulfillment, and abundance
    • Triumph over the most common obstacles to entrepreneurial success
    • Create authentic marketing short and long-term strategy that align with your values
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    Embracing Your True Purpose & Articulating Your Vision
    With Michael Bernard Beckwith (Agape International Spiritual Center)
      • Use Life Visioning to become a clear, compassionate, powerful change agent
      • Transformational inner technology for application in business leadership
      • Articulate and become that which is seeking to emerge through you!

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        Oneness and Entrepreneurship
        With Steve Farrell (Humanity’s Team)
        • How Spirit-guided entrepreneurship can generate tremendous abundance while creating a loving and nurturing workplace for all
        • The art of fearless risk-taking and innovation that is guided and fueled by divine inspiration
        •  Lessons learned from Humanity’s Team and two successful Silicon Valley start-ups
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        Oneness and “Intrapreneurship"
        With John Thomas (Humanity’s Team)
        • Discovering the magic that happens when you consecrate your corporate career to the awakening of all humanity
        • Learning to live in the Unknown and ride the currents of synchronicity within turbulent corporate culture 
        • Lessons learned from eco-technology (ad)ventures at Intel Corporation
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        Building Our Community of Practice

        Launching a Conscious Business Community of Practice
        With Qua Veda and John Thomas (Humanity’s Team)
        • Co-create the new business transformation community of practice
        • Stay connected to your coaches, trainers, and peers to create virtual business transformation teams and nurture our collective success
        • Advance through levels of mastery and help us evolve the Conscious Business Community & Training program as a certified instructor/facilitator
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        Membership in Conscious Business Community of Practice

        The Humanity’s Team Conscious Business Training and Certification program is unique in its explicit focus on the principles of the Conscious Business Declaration. It also has another unique and valuable benefit.Students graduating from the program can join the Conscious Business Community of Practice. Here they gain higher levels of conscious business mastery and can collaborate with other change agents in marketing, business development, and delivery of business transformation services.

        Students completing the Conscious Business Training and Certification program will be eligible for discouted membership in the Conscious Business Community of Practice.
        o   Regular membership fees are $100 per month, or $1000 per year
        o   Your special discount membership is $50 per month, or $500 per year!

        We invite you to become trained and join this inspiring global community of conscious business practitioners.

        Find out more about the Conscious Business Community of Practice.
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        If you have questions about the Conscious Business Initiative, Declaration, Training and Certification, or Community of Practice, please e-mail us at cbisupport@humanitysteam.org.
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