HT Core Values

Humanity's Team's Core Values


1. Courageously serve the big agenda: awakening ourselves and the world to Oneness.

2. Be humble and embody the spirit of “servant leadership.”

3. Commit to personal transformation: education, daily inner practice, and personal growth.

4. Live life as One with the Divine and all of life (follow the 5 Steps to Peace).

5. Co-create with Humanity’s Team colleagues by deeply listening for inner guidance and feeling what is seeking to emerge.

6. Have clear intentions, take the initiative and be willing to take on additional responsibilities if teammates struggle to fulfill their commitments.

7. Build a positive team through love, honesty, trust, communication, support, harmony, respect & fun in all relationships.

8. Do more with less, and trust the Divine provides us with all that we need to fulfill our clear purposeful intentions.

9. Invite, inspire, involve, and mentor those who want to live as One and contribute to Humanity’s Team.

10. And, If ever our ideas don’t align with the leadership team consensus, we agree to accept the decision and support it in the spirit of Oneness, or gracefully resign.

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