South Africa GC Events 2014

Humanity's Team Global Council Events, South Africa 2014

At the Nelson Mandela Foundation Centre of Memory ~ On July 26th The Nelson Mandela Foundation held a reception for Humanity's Team.

Humanity's Team Banner at the Entrance to The Nelson Mandela Foundation
Picture of Nelson Mandela and Gandhi in the lobby of the Foundation
Inside the meeting room at the Foundation~logo for the Foundation
Anna-Mari Pieterse introduces Steve Farrell
Steve Farrell addresses the audience
The audience
Distinguished guests for the reception
Meeting new friends

Freedom Park, Pretoria, South Africa ~ The Spiritual Leadership Award Presentation and other activities, July 27th

Steve Farrell speaks to the audience about Nelson Mandela and why Humanity's Team selected him for the Spiritual Leadership Award
Picture with leaders of the indigenous peoples
Anna-Mari Pieterse introduces Steve Farrell for the delivery of the Spiritual Leadership award
Humanity's Team Presents the Spiritual Leadership Award
Passing of the Torch of uBuntu by the youth of indigenous tribes
Children writing their hopes for the future
Dance of celebration before the Spiritual Leadership Award Presentation
Crowds gathering for the Spiritual Leadership Award presentation
The Dalai Lama sent representatives from the office of Tibet to show their support in Humanity's Team Spiritual Leadership Award recipient, Nelson Mandela
Ribbon cutting for the annual uBuntu Walk through Freedom Park

Humanity's Team Global Council Meeting 2014 at Protea Kruger Gate Hotel, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Photographs taken by
Mario Gomez Galindo , Nannette Kennedy, Dee Meyer, Philippe Pasqualini
& Lorraine Thomas
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