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Patricia Cota-Robles

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The original Divine Plan was for the Sons and Daughters of God to learn how to become cocreators with our God Parents. Through our Free-Will choices and our unique ways of thinking and feeling, the intent was for us to create new expressions of Divinity that would increase the patterns of Divine Love and Oneness in the Causal Body of God. This would expand exponentially the all-encompassing Divine Matrix that is our Father-Mother God’s Body.

--The Next Step of the Unfolding Divine Plan by Patricia Cota-Robles

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We are sons/daughters of the most-high God.

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We are sons/daughters of the most-high God.

Nothing less than this.

Like Hercules, our moment will come when we awaken to our Heavenly Father/Mother and our highest purpose and possibility.

Why not make that moment now?

June 5, 2014

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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” Maya Angelou

Our purpose, our mission on the Earth right now is very clear

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By Neale Donald Walsch

Our purpose, our mission on the Earth right now is very clear. Our opportunity, our invitation, our challenge is to change the world’s mind about God.

To do this, we must first ask ourselves, and then ask the world, a profound question: Is it true that God threw us out of the Kingdom of Heaven, that we are born in sin, and that God will now not let us back into heaven unless we follow certain rules, the obedience to which is the only path allowing us to return?

Is it true, furthermore, that if we do not follow these rules we will not only be denied re-entry into heaven, but will be condemned to unimaginable and everlasting torture in hell?

Is this the God of our understanding? Does it matter?

Yes, it does. Because humanity’s belief in a violent, angry, and vindictive God justifies humanity’s embracing of — and approval of — violent, angry, and vindictive behaviors with each other. So long as we believe that judgment, violence, condemnation and killing are the Ways of God (the Bible tells us that over a million people were killed at the hand or the command of God), we will believe and behave as if judgment, violence, condemnation and killing are appropriate Ways of Humans.

We have based our behaviors on what we understand to be God’s behaviors. That is why God’s Message to the World is so very important at this moment in the evolution of our species.

“Okay, you claim to have talked directly with God, so tell us . . .what is God’s message to the world?”

The speaker was the world-famous host of one of America’s most popular national television morning shows, and he was asking me to answer the biggest question of all time.

“Can you bring it down to a sentence or two?” he added. “We have about thirty seconds.”

My mind raced. How could I say something in thirty seconds that would capture the essence of what Deity wants the world to know? Then, in one quick flash, I heard God’s answer in my head.

I blinked and made an announcement that surprised even me. “Actually, I can bring it down to five words.”

The host raised his eyebrows, showing a nanosecond of disbelief, then deadpanned to the camera: “All right then. Ladies and gentlemen, from a man who says he communes with The Divine, here is God’s message to the world . . . in five words.”

I knew that millions were watching in households around the globe. This was my chance to bring God’s most important communication to more people than I ever imagined I would, or could, in my lifetime. Looking straight into the lens I repeated the words I had just been given to say.
“You’ve got me all wrong.”

If that is true, it re-opens for all of humanity every question, every discussion, we have ever had about the Divine. It my answer is inaccurate, there is nothing further to discuss. The discussion is closed.

This is how most of the religious world would have it. The discussion is closed. God has spoken to us, we are told by virtually every one of the world’s major religions. And God has since stopped talking to us. There have been no further, no new, revelations.

This leaves us lingering for centuries — nay, millennia — with what God is reported to have said to us, which can now never, ever be explored or explained, and certainly never expanded. No one has the right to expand on What God Said. Anyone who does so will be condemned as a blasphemer, an apostate, a heretic.

Yet on page 3 of the 3,000-page dialogue known as Conversations with God this statement appears: “I talk to everyone. All the Time. The question is not to whom do I talk, but who listens?”

Our opportunity now on this Earth is decide whether there could be a shred of truth in that statement. As I said, our invitation is to Change the World’s Mind About God.  I believe this is the mission on which God has invited all of us to embark. It is work that will require great courage and deep conviction, for it contradicts every word of every religion in every culture and tradition on the Earth.

We are not children of a lesser God, who would judge us, punish us, and condemn us to everlasting damnation if we do not come to God through the right doorway, on the one and only pathway, by means of a singular means of salvation. Indeed, “salvation” itself is not even necessary, for God did not throw us out of the Kingdom of Heaven, then setting rules for our return.

The Good News is that we were not “born in original sin,” and we do not have to somehow earn our way back into God’s good graces so that we can go home. We are home right now, everlastingly in the arms of our loving creator, eternally embraced by Divinity, and imbued with It both now and even forevermore.

We are, indeed, “about God’s work.”

We have a chance, in this golden age of instant global communication, to launch a Civil Rights Movement for the Soul, freeing humanity at last from the oppression of its belief in a violent, angry, and vindictive God, and ending forever our telling and re-telling of the ancient and wholly inaccurate story of Separation.

We have been telling each other a story — and passing it on from generation to generation — that God is “up there” and we are “down here”, and never the ‘twain shall meet until Judgment Day, when we will be tried, judged, and convicted or acquitted…and if convicted, condemned and sent to everlasting torture as our punishment, that has produced our Separation Theology.

This in itself might be harmless enough, but the problem is that our Separation Theology produces a Separation Cosmology. That is, a way of looking at all of life that says that everything is separate from everything else.

And a Separation Cosmology produces a Separation Psychology. That is, a psychological viewpoint that says that I am over here and you are over there. And a Separation Psychology produces a Separation Sociology. That is, a way of socializing with each other that encourages the entire human society to act as separate entities serving their own separate interests.

And a Separation Sociology produces a Separation Pathology. That is, pathological behaviors of self-destruction, engaged in individually and collectively, and producing suffering, conflict, violence, and death by our own hands—as evidenced everywhere on our planet throughout human history.

Have we had enough now? Are we ready now to admit and to acknowledge that there may be something we do not fully understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which could change everything?

Are we ready now to, each of us, become messengers of a New Spirituality? Do we have the courage? Do we have the commitment? Do we even have an interest in doing so?

Your Highest Knowing

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Steve Farrell our Worldwide Coordinating Director is enjoying a well-deserved vacation this week and will return next week!


Nannette Kennedy
Worldwide Communications Coordinator
Humanity's Team

Do whatever it takes to adjust the vibration of your own energy and the life energy that you are creating around you if you feel that it is not in resonance with the highest knowing you have about Who You Are, and the greatest experience of this that you can possibly image.

~Home with God by Neale Donald Walsch

Neale shares a beautiful letter

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A woman wrote to me two days ago at CWG Connect asking if it was okay to express her fears about things going on in her life openly and authentically with others. She felt that by doing so, she was offering an example to others, making it possible for them, too, to be open and honest about their fears. --- thus to heal them.

She wanted to know if this made spiritual sense, according to Conversations with God. As I was creating my reply, I realized that I was producing something that I wish everyone could see and read. It is one of the most precise, concise, clear and spiritually lucid discourses that has come through me on the Way and Why of Life as it is.

My Dear Jeanette…As I understand it, the Soul migrates (in a sense) from the Realm of the Absolute (also called The Realm of the Spiritual) to the Realm of the Relative (also called The Realm of the Physical) in order to experience fully the Fullness of Who and What It Really Is: namely…Divinity Incarnate.

God’s greatest desire is to experience Itself completely, in all its glory. Yet in the Realm of the Absolute there is nothing else BUT God…nothing else BUT glory…and so, God can know Itself absolutely, but the experience of Itself can only occur in the Realm of the Relative, where the Totality of God exists in relative terms.

Therefore we experience, in physical life, what we call “good” and “evil,” “happiness” and “sadness,” “joy” and “pain”—-and all of the conditions that our limited awareness causes us to define as “dualities” in our lives.

Yet when our awareness increases, we begin to see all of it as One Single Energy—-I shall call it the Essential Essence—-simply manifesting in different forms. As an example of this, let us use the apparent duality of “hot” and “cold.” Often we see these conditions as two different things—-“opposites”, even—-yet looked at from afar we see that they are simply varying degrees of the SAME thing…which we call “Temperature.”

In the same way, every aspect of life is simply the same thing, Divinity, simply expressing in varying degrees. Even Fear is simply Love—-the Essential Essence—-expressing in lesser degree. If we did not Love anything, we would Fear nothing. Can you see that?

Once we see this, we decry nothing, we condemn nothing, we reject nothing, but embrace and accept everything in life as the Perfection Expression of Perfection Itself.

In so doing, the energy that we hold around any given situation, event, or circumstance shifts dramatically, moving from what we would call “negative” to what we would call “positive”—-and this, in turn, alters dramatically the energy that we project, that we send out, regarding any particular occurrence. With the pouring of our positive energy all over that occurrence or circumstance, our experience of it is transformed. We no longer “suffer”—-although we may still be in pain (emotional or physical).

We are taught in Conversations with God that “pain” is an objective occurrence, whereas “suffering” is the result of our thought about the pain. Suffering occurs when our thought about our pain is that “this shouldn’t be happening. This is wrong. This in unfair,” etc. Yet when we accept our pain as the Perfect expression of Perfection Itself (as a woman in childbirth might experience it), our suffering dissipates and dissolves. The pain may remain, but the suffering disappears. Even death is not experienced in a negative way, but as the Perfect Next Event. Hence: “O Death! Where is thy sting?”

Now you are talking about Fear here, Jeanette, and I agree with you that speaking authentically and openly (and even extensively) about our Fears can be an extraordinarily beneficial thing.CWG says: “What you resist persists, and what you look at disappears. That is, it ceases to have its illusory form.”

This was one of the greatest messages we were given in Conversations with God.

So yes, speaking into our Fear is powerful, indeed. And yes, I agree with you: It sets an example for others, allowing others, as well, to “be okay” with the fact that they, too, have Fears…and to be okay with talking about them.

All of this is just a re-stating of what you have said above. So I observe that you understand theCWG cosmology completely, and seem to be living by it with extraordinary grace.

What I observe about this as well is that it DOES that “courage” to do this. Living by the advanced theological concepts of Conversations with God (which happen to be nothing more than clarifying re-statements of the highest truths of all the world’s great religions) is not easy. (Until it is. Until it becomes second nature. Until it easily and continuously expresses our TRUEnature.) So while you did not share with us your particular “story” in order to hear choruses of praise for your courage, still, it is understandable and justifiable that you would hear them. All of us recognize courage when we see it, and it is natural that we would want to praise it.

You have said here that you speak of your Fears not to garner praise for your courage, but to offer an example to others who may also be afraid of something in their life, but be reluctant to discuss them. Your intention does not reduce in any way the courage that it takes to face your life as you have done. That is why I wrote to you, in response to your first entry, the following:

“I will join the chorus of people who have told you how brave you are! I know that you will touch many lives through the living of your own in the courageous way you have chosen.”

I joyfully stand by every word of my first response! And I do not experience you as being “still somewhat confused” at all, but as being extraordinarily clear in every word that you have written above. Particularly your summarizing statement: “Perhaps, rather than shun fear behaviours, we would do better to embrace them, embrace them as great because now they are in the open they can be explored and will naturally dissipate?” This is pure Conversations with God, re-stated and re-phrased.

You understand things perfectly, Jeanette. And now, may you know and experience that God has blessed you, and given you this glorious opportunity to express the glory of Divinity Itself—-in, as, and through you.

If you write as clearly in your book as you have written here, you will give all those who read it a great blessing—-even as you have bestowed a wonderful grace upon us here and now.

Shared with you lovingly…Neale.

A Day With No Plans

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A mind preoccupied with planning pays homage to the idol of control.

For one day, try living in connection without your day planner.

See how it feels and if it works for you.

Steve Farrell [written for “How Do You Pray” by Celeste Yacoboni]

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Dear God (One Presence),

Fill me with Your love, light, peace and understanding.

Fill me full.  Permit my heart to beat with Your heart and my lungs to breath with You.  Animate me from head to toe with Your love and light.

There are so many who feel alone and unworthy.  Touch these people through me.  Express fully through me that they may feel Your Presence.  Love through me.  Heal through me.  Prosper through me.

Let no person, animal or life form go untouched.  Express through me Beloved that the whole world may feel the depth and fullness of Your love.

Many are joining together in service.  May we see our true Self: beautiful, pure, whole expressions of You and may we be conduits of Your love, peace and healing.  May the Earth receive this blessing and may humanity and life on Earth enter the dawn of a new day; a day filled with health, wellbeing, harmony and happiness.