Declaration of Oneness

Special times call for special action. We officially declare that we are all part of a unified whole with multiple dimensions, each complementing the other.

We Are All One, and we are inviting humanity to celebrate a global Oneness Day every year.

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Recent Signatures

Number Date Name Location Any comments to leave us? (These will be visible to other petition signers and website visitors & these may be published in other places at some point in time.)
94353 January 26, 2015 Paul Jackson DUMFRIES, GB
94352 January 25, 2015 H. Bin Lim Holland, MI, US
94351 January 25, 2015 Elaine Gallovic Wilmington, NC, US Website
94350 January 25, 2015 Wendy Spackman Clayfield , AU I heard about this declaration having read Bk 2 CWG and being led to this website. Being an innate spiritualist I have been drawn to reading esoteric books since age 14yrs or younger. I started with Lobsang Rampa and books on reincarnation. I came to unerstand that the graphic image of eternity is the circle and knew that all life was circular. I have been seeking answers to supernatural questions for years and first found through The Secret, Abraham Hicks and more recently Neale Walsch's CWG series. Book 1 was probably the most profound book I had ever read apart from the outpouring of information from Abraham. God's messengers are everywhere. I am so anti bad news and love the Good News website. All bad news should have no publicity or be on the back pages in very small print after the sports
94349 January 25, 2015 Lulzim Kurtaj Pristina, AL
94348 January 25, 2015 Mary Beth McCurdy Saint John, NB, CA
94347 January 25, 2015 Sue Jones , , GB
94346 January 24, 2015 Monika Barbour , , AU
94345 January 24, 2015 Anonymous Anaheim, CA, US
94344 January 24, 2015 Barbara Brunner , CH humanity`s team
94343 January 24, 2015 Pamella Wallach Phoenix, AZ, US
94342 January 24, 2015 Pamella Wallach Phoenix, AZ, US
94341 January 24, 2015 Anonymous Port Dover, ON, CA I am a follower of Neale Diamond Walsh and have been for a number of years. Also, I have read many books concerning the world's religions and their influence on our history.
94340 January 24, 2015 Meg Hanshaw Asheville, NC, US
94339 January 23, 2015 Tammy Leonard Krum, TX, US
94338 January 23, 2015 Nona Bridgman Wpg, MB, CA
94337 January 22, 2015 Anonymous , , CL Es posible.!!!
94336 January 22, 2015 Adam Mustapa , , AU friend.
94335 January 22, 2015 Anonymous , , AU
94334 January 21, 2015 Jonne Klockars Helsinki, , FI Facebook
94333 January 21, 2015 Alexandre Jodun , , AU A friend
94332 January 21, 2015 Christian Pagani Noble Park North VIC, AU Tomorrows God audiobook.
It's time!
94331 January 21, 2015 Geraldine Lewis EWING, , US
94330 January 21, 2015 Trevor Coates Auckland, , NZ Friend
94329 January 21, 2015 Gwendolyne Hunt ,, , US