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Oneness Video Collaboration

Humanity's Team uses video, pictures and music to help us visualize Oneness and what it means to us. Oneness can be expressed in so many beautiful ways. The possibilities are limitless!

Here we share our currently featured videos. Some are from Humanity's Teammates around the world and some are from others who simply love to express their oneness this way.

These videos inspire us, move us, fill us with joy and love and motivate us to share these feelings and emotions, to help show us all more peace, joy and love.

If you share a passion for creating video and you would like to lend your talents to our movement, please contact our Worldwide Communications Coordinator, Gerry Harrington at gerry.harrington [at] humanitysteam [dot] org, or by phone, at +1 (845) 331-7168. Thank you.

Humanity's Team Featured Video

Barbara Marx Hubbard Speaks to Oneness and Humanity's Team

Barbara Marx Hubbard was kind enought to record this message about Oneness and what we can do to understand and experience it.

For an English transcript of this video, please CLICK HERE.

Para ver una transcripción en Español de este video, por favor haz clic aqui'.

Archbishop Tutu Receives Spiritual Leadership Award From Humanity's Team

Archbishop Desmond Tutu receives the Spiritual Leadership Award from Humanity's Team for his vision, understanding and building of bridges.

On receiving the award April 18, 2009, the Nobel Peace laureate also spoke about the Dalai Lama.

The award, from the worldwide movement "awakening the world to oneness," has become the standard among global awards for extraordinary demonstrations of inclusive visionary spiritual leadership.

Before the award presentation, Humanity's Team Worldwide Coordinating Director Steve Farrell spoke about the call to oneness.

Marianne Williamson Speaks About Oneness and Humanity's Team

Marianne Williamson sat down to speak with us about Oneness and Humanity's Team's efforts to awaken the world to this message.


Thanks to Peter Kater for his breathtaking composition, "Flutterby" from his "Cloud Hands" CD.


Timothy Freke Sends a Message to Humanity's Team.

Standup philosopher and best selling author Tim Freke offers his support to Humanity's Team and it's Oneness Petition. For more information see timothyfreke.com

What Does Humanity's Team Mean to You?

You can see and hear in just a few words what Humanity's Team means to the members of Humanity's Team's Global Council and why it's so important to help support this groundbreaking event, awarding Desmond Tutu of South Africa the Humanity's Team Spiritual Leadership Award at HT's 2009 Oneness Summit in Pretoria, South Africa.

Humanity's Team- From Separation to Oneness

Special thanks to Neale Donald Walsch, Best-Selling Author of Conversations with God and Founder of Humanity's Team.


Also to Steve Farrell, Worldwide Coordinating Director of Humanity's Team.

Thanks also to Laura and Craig for their beautiful and inspiring music:

You in I
Performed by Laura Berman
Words and Music by Craig Benelli
© 2007 Eighty Minute Music, ASCAP
From the CD, DETOUR
Available on www.laurabermanmusic.com, iTunes and Rhapsody

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