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ECONOMICS: The science that deals with the production, distribution, consumption and management of goods, services and currency

From the broad definition of the agreement of exchange on micro and macro, formal and informal, and local and global levels, economics touch every aspect of the Wheel.  The ways our economic systems are structured impact on the outcomes for all the different spheres, including whether they flow with or dominate the natural systems of the earth.

In Authentic Intimate Community, the multiple dimensions of each other are appreciated and money issues diminish in importance.  It is as if we can attune with each other's gifts.  And when for benefit rather than for profit is the focus, money and accumulation becomes a distant detail that plays a small role.

The way the money system works, including the creation of money out of nothing impacts directly on every person’s job, home, family and community; all of our motivation and actions. For this reason, this sector is perhaps the most important to transform. 

International banking elite and giant corporations have managed to gradually turn almost the entire world into a population of debt-slaves. Exposing and eliminating these systems and replacing it with honest, open and fair trade for the benefit of all can provide the critical turning point toward creating a world where all can thrive.

The focus on short term profitability and material well-being as a main priority has outgrown the capacity of the earth to regenerate itself and has left our natural resources depleted and the planet polluted. 

We continue to witness ineffective and unscrupulous involvement by government that leads to undesirable balance between freedom and control. And because of fear on the part of citizens and in order to secure maximum earnings, people are demanding less control which in turn leads to risk-taking in the absence of proper checks and balances.
Oneness Consciousness in economics calls for a paradigm shift and a ‘third way’ rather than an increase or decrease or combination of the two alternatives. This consciousness will allow us to come to the roots of our economic challenges and to birth a new approach instead of continuing to try and remedy what happens on the surface.

Oneness consciousness in economics will foster values such as integration rather than disintegration, cooperation rather than competition and strife, and in keeping one-another safe rather than destroying one another. And the progress of society will be measured by social indicators and not by economic growth and materialistic values alone. 

Involvement and change in this sphere forms part of the process of defining a new economic regulatory system through the consideration of the underlying inter-relatedness, inter-connectedness, and inter-dependence of life and the observation that “there is enough.”

Accessing the Intelligence of our Sacred Oneness with our fellow human beings and our Natural Environment creates huge efficiencies of time, energy, and other resources. The compensatory nature of our contributions become multidimensional and single-minded monetary and material gain diminishes in importance. 
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