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GOVERNANCE: The administration of authority and leadership of a community

What we value and how we perceive life is reflected in our governmental designs. Throughout history, the purpose and structure of human government have reflected the diversity of human and life systems.

This sphere however goes beyond mere organisational design and embraces all scales, from Self-government to entire nations, from classroom to boardroom, and human to natural systems.

World renowned environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, and author Paul Hawken (2007) writes: “A Global Democracy Movement is about to pop: I believe there are over one million organizations working toward ecological sustainability and social justice. Maybe two… After spending years researching this phenomenon, including creating with my colleagues a global database of these organizations I have come to these conclusions: this is the largest social movement in all of history, no one knows its scope, and how it functions is more mysterious than what meets the eye…. The movement can’t be divided because it is atomized – small pieces loosely joined, it forms, gathers, and dissipates quickly… it has been known to bring down governments, companies, and leaders through witnessing, informing, and massing. … The movement has three basic roots; the environmental, social justice movements, and indigenous cultures; resistant to globalization—all of which are intertwining. It arises spontaneously from different economic sectors, cultures, regions, and cohorts, resulting in a global, classless, diverse, and embedded movement, spreading worldwide without exception…. It is the largest coming together of citizens in history.… The promise of this unnamed movement is to offer solutions to what appear to be insoluble dilemmas: poverty, global climate change, terrorism, ecological degradation, polarization of income, and loss of culture. It is not burdened with a syndrome of trying to save the world; it is trying to remake the world.”

We are currently witnessing the most diverse movement the world has ever seen … capable of dealing with matters of authority in new ways that enables it to re-make the world it desires. No one is in charge of it, there is no orthodoxy. It is global, classless, unquenchable and tireless.

The new emerging collaborative leadership is not vested in any single person but rather in consensus-based, self-managed teams leading themselves. It follows the approach of inviting people’s perceptions, feelings, and intuition via round-table discussions and dialogue in order to arrive at consensus, and then to work collaboratively towards common goals that serve the greater good. This new leadership works with people who hold pluralistic worldviews and who value connection, authenticity, and opportunity for self-growth. Collaboration takes place amongst responsible/sustainability focussed organisations, humanised workplaces, self-managed teams, and non-profits.

On the political front, instead of the current opposing left versus right approach, Oneness offers a ‘third way’ – a political system that transcends both sides of the partisan divide and that includes the revelations and the very best of both without limiting oneself to the tyranny of either and without resorting to the uninhibited compromise of mere centrism.

Through Oneness, leadership is able to integrate Spirit as a Living Force in the world, principled political candidates are willing to loose, and Presidents win elections by promising to create the best opportunities for the electorate to expand their awareness, to see the depths of their possibilities and to reach for new levels of experience and possibilities.

Through the development of our inner (heart) qualities, we are able to co-create a world of sustainable peace, harmony and prosperity for all.

This Sphere is given Life through the recognition that the world does not have to be the way it is and that individual people can change it using the power of Spiritual Citizenship. We are Government through our own Self-Governance. We recognise that as human beings, we need each other to survive on this planet, that we are all in this together, and that community flourishes as we learn about each other and revel in the wonder and beauty of our diversities. We play a Conscious part in helping to bring about a culture in which we, the peoples of the world, can address our common global concerns in an holistic, positive and transforming way and live together in peace with one another.

Oneness Governance reflects Unity Consciousness. 
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