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MEDIA: The means of disseminating information and entertainment among people

Any means of communication is technically part of the media, and what-ever this encompasses keeps growing, and along with it, the complexities of its power to influence. The difference between reflecting what is and creating what is has blurred, and with it the contents as well as the ethics regarding its use and structure. With the internet now considered to be a global neural network we need to establish how we can best utilize this interconnectivity at our fingertips. We need to ask what other means of inter-connective communication we may be overlooking that would stretch our experience of the media even further.

There are many factors at play (like pressure from authorities and conflict of interest) that make it difficult and often reluctant for media to cover complex societal issues and for readers/listeners to get to the truth of a story.
There needs to be a way to comprehensively integrate and balance objective facts with inter-subjective perspectives as well as the input of the most authoritative non-partisan experts. A new paradigm of whole-view journalism and communication must be considered to create news coverage that successfully integrates the exterior objective and interior subjective worlds of both the individual and the collective.

Conventional objective mainstream media normally juxtaposes partisan conservative perspectives with partisan liberal perspectives; creating a debate where the reader/listener feels obligated to chose one side or the other. This, whilst sometimes both perspectives can be right or both can be wrong -- or most often both perspectives are half-right and half-wrong. Moving beyond a bi-partisan juxtaposition of inter-subjective perceptions and including non-partisan perspectives would provide a check and balance on two opposing points of views.

Because arguments and events reflect different spheres of reality, the aim is to organize the grains of truth from each perspective -- while still pointing out the untruths. It is to get different points of views to talk to each other instead of at each other. A whole-view approach will help to integrate and organise partial truths of various points of views and can help to successfully incorporate observable, exterior objective facts while taking into consideration the underlying invisible, interior inter-subjective perceptions.

A polarized gap is created through "He Said / She Said" communication. Individuals are isolated from real interacting through dissident points of view with the current state of journalism remaining ineffective at bridging this polarized gap. A whole-view approach would encourage and stimulate dialogue between opposing viewpoints so that real meaning can be co-created by the collective. By incorporating the perspectives of a variety of different official views and experts, then journalism and communication would put a larger emphasis on bridging the gaps of understanding between conflicting perspectives.

It is not about creating a space in which any one party can win, but to provide information and to enable dialogue where the participants are allowed to seriously explore the strongest merits of a great variety of points of views, factors and facts. In the end it must give everyone the best opportunity to create meaning and solution for themselves and society at large, for the greater good.

As human beings we are constantly bombarded with countless messages that come in myriads of forms and shape and lines, as thoughts, symbols, dreams, communication, etc., with the Internet and Technology playing an ever-growing and powerful role. We are indeed part of the Big Mind and we are shaping our world and we are being shaped by the world through these messages and our interpretation of them. 

The development and healing of this Sphere is based upon the idea that the message; ‘We Are All One, inter-related, inter-connected and inter-dependent, with God/Life/One-another’, is the one spiritual message that the world has been waiting for to bring about loving and sustainable answers to humanity’s challenges.

This means that our communication and connections with the billions of others as we enter the space of the Global Brain will reflect our Conscious communication and connection with our Self; ensuring that we co-create the sustainable world of peace and prosperity for all that we have all been dreaming of instead of re-creating that which we do not want.

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