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SCIENCE: The ordering of knowledge by thesis, experiment and conclusions

This sphere includes all areas of science and all applications of scientific thinking and methodology. Instead of thinking of them as separate fields, innovations in biology, information science, physical and space sciences, and the psychologies of transformation are all seen as merging and cross–pollinating each other, allowing for greater insights and awareness of the interdependence of all sectors, systems, and life itself.

This section attempts to be more than an encyclopedia of science. It offers a couple of new lenses to look through and some powerful insights that liberate the quest for scientific understanding of the cosmos and our place in it.

No doubt; physical science has had a profound impact on both the material and spiritual conditions of life on the world. On the one hand it has improved the material conditions of life, whilst on the other hand it has undermined the spiritual traditions which were the foundation of our religious and moral values. This has left us materially rich but spiritually bankrupt with profound imbalances and consequences. For example, the technology that we have developed has given us unprecedented power to change the outer world, but we often use this power with no guidance from our moral or spiritual values. Whilst we are able to explain subtle phenomena of the outer world through sophisticated scientific theories, we seem to know precious little about consciousness and its relationship to matter.

Although the material comforts that we enjoy today are more than ever before, we are no closer to finding lasting happiness. Our knowledge and understanding of the outer world has developed to such a degree that it over-shadows, ignores, and even denies knowledge of the inner realities.

There is a great need to balance our outer and inner knowledge and for integration of spiritual wisdom and physical science, and to do so we must relax our idea that that verification take place within the limited domain of outer sensory experience.

Fundamental principles of a Whole Science will:

• embrace both the outer domain of physical science and the inner domain of spiritual traditions as to be a science that is comprehensive of both inner and outer experience

• Since there has never been, and never will be any experience or knowledge outside of consciousness, and since any scientific verification takes place in experience, the foundation of both inner and outer science is consciousness. Consciousness is indeed the foundation for all knowledge, personal and public.

Consciousness is prior to the distinction between inner and outer, public and private; therefore it cannot be excluded from or be limited by any domain. It is equally present in everything and the common ground for both the subjective (inner) and the objective (outer) world.

In this sphere we reveal the deep relationship between physical and Spiritual laws. We support the idea that our current state of the world is not the only way the world can be and the only way conscious experience can be structured. There are thousands of worlds with thousands of beings, and we see here but a thin thread of all that is possible.

In this Sphere we consider the scientifically substantiated idea that there is no way to remove the observer - us - from our perception of the world, which is created through our sensory processing and through the way we think and reason. Our perception and hence the observations upon which our theories are based – is not direct, but rather is shaped by a kind of a lens; the interpretive structure of the brain.

All of Life/Existence is Consciousness; the fundamental entity, which is non-physical, inactive, placid, indescribable and non-associative, but endowed with autonomous will power to create, retain and annihilate all concepts of knowledge of self and the universe. 

Oneness Consciousness in the field of Science will assist humanity to realize his/her full potentialities instead of depending on the knowledge gained through sensory perception for the benefit of the expansion of the field of Consciousness of Knowledge; ultimately to have the Consciousness of the infinite set of knowledge and to see oneself in all of Life and the Creator of one’s Universe. We can co-create the world we really want through Conscious choice.
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