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SPIRITUALITY: The exploration and experience of our fundamental metaphysical nature as spirit

In this sphere, we see the energy and Spiritual connection between God/Divinity/Source, humanity and all of life and that we are all individuations of the Whole; that everything is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. When we see ourselves and everything as a part of God/The ONE, we begin to seek to connect with and serve this Body/Whole that we are part of. Our lives become our spirituality demonstrated. 

Imagine a world… Timothy Freke   

  • Let us imagine a world when the taboo against stating the obvious is broken and we are openly acknowledging that life is a mystery and that we would not want it any other way.
  • Let us imagine a world where we admit that we do not necessarily understand the next person. And let us imagine a world where we are willing to admit that we do not understand ourselves! Thinking we know who we are confines us to limited thought – robbing us from the magic of life.
  • Let us imagine a word of “partnership spirituality” where individual perspectives are valued.
  • Let us imagine a “balanced form of spirituality” honoring male and female archetypes.
  • Let us imagine being able to laugh at the humor of our predicament.
  • Let us imagine a world where God is not a bully and takes no offense.
  • Let us imagine no more self-righteous spiritual autocrats who put their own opinions into God’s mouth. Let us imagine a return to guides who encourage us to look within, to challenge the beliefs we have come to accept unquestionably. 
  • Let us imagine no more hierarchies of professional priests and return to a model of spiritual movement – a group of students around an authentic master.
  • Let us return to genuine teachers who will be willing to let you find your own way in your own time. Not clinging like lost children.
  • Let us imagine replacing religious divisions with all embracing eclecticism which acknowledges that the Absolute Truth can never be said, but that relative truths can be expressed in various conceptual vocabularies.
  • The wisdom of the world is all over the show – yet people are caught in grips of being punished for checking it out. Imagine a world where a common spirituality can be synthesized out of the various approaches.
  • The idea is not to carve out another monolithic one-world religion, but about finding unity in the variety. We never, never again want religion imposed onto to world.
  • Let us imagine a world where spirituality is treated as a private affair – just like sexuality. Let us imagine as much spiritual variety as possible; with everyone finding their own path. 
  • “All people according to their own stage of development, possessing the Knowledge of God in a special way to themselves” - Theodotus.
  • Imagine a world where adversity is understood as different approaches to a shared endeavor…. Where we are either engaged in exploring the range and depths of experience, or in becoming conscious of Consciousness which is the ground of all experience.. Where these two paths are understood as complementary and everyone in their completely different ways can be seen participating in the same adventure.
  • Let us imagine that spirituality is not something otherworldly and esoteric, but as an inherent natural process of ordinary human existence.
  • Let us stop attempting to add a special spiritual dimension to life and recognize that life is the spiritual process.
  • “This is it. This and no other. Not what it chanced to be, but simply what it must be, without the must” - Plotinus
  • Let’s imagine a life-affirming spirituality which sees self-knowledge and true enjoyment as one and the same thing. Which recognizes that the universal quest for the Good manifests in each one of us. Which encourages us to have a good time, but not at the expense of others, because we are all One, and others are also Consciousness trying to have a good time.
  • Let us imagine spiritual philosophy being understood as a simple clever way to really be happy – our shared inherent natural drive.
  • Let us dare to imagine the world we really want. Why not? It is our collective dream and we can dream it any way we choose.
  • Let us dream of humanity waking at last from its nonchalant numbness, overcome with the awe at the inexplicable miracle that we are.
  • Let us imagine living our lives as a celebration of the Great Mystery in which 'we live and move and have our being.'
  • Let us imagine a world in which we embrace ‘loving one another’, not because we should, but because we are parts of each other.
  • Let us imagine fulfilling the great ambition which motivates evolution.
  • Let us imagine a world where people will understand that the only way to know God, our shared identity, is to engage with it.
  • Let us imagine heaven on earth.

Human development is a mysterious and often a messy affair. We have very rich traditions of psychological research and spiritual practice that help us make sense of various aspects of human growth and transformation. A Oneness approach helps us make sense of all of those traditions and honors the mystery and the multidimensionality of our own unfolding and serves as a catalyst into freer and fuller expressions of who we are.
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Neale Donald Walsch, founder of Humanity's Team and author of the Conversations with God books (and others), is heading up activities in the Sphere of Spirituality. With your help, we will generate an Evolution Revolution. The intention for this project is for many people from around the globe to create small groups who really want to make change happen on our planet, and are willing to openly engage others in talking about the changes that need to be made from a spiritual point of view --- and are then willing to embark on an Action Plan to initiate spiritually-based activities in their community and their world. This project, which is part of the 12 Sphere's of Life initiative of Humanity’s Team, comes under the Sphere of Spirituality. Click here for more information. Write Neale to let him know you are interested in participating in the Evolution Revolution: neale.donald.walsch@humanitysteam.org
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