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Conscious Business Training & Certification

CB Change Agent Training Program

Humanity’s Team’s Conscious Business Change Agent Training and Certification Program utilizes a structured methodology to teach people how to become Conscious Business Change Agents. Once you’ve completed your training you will have the tools you need to transform a business. Your role as a Change Agent is incredibly important! And The Conscious Business Initiative will guide you through the entire process -- through training, certification and beyond with the Conscious Business Community of Practice.

CB Change Agent Certification

Who should become a certified Conscious Business Change Agent (CBCA)?
  • If you already have a deep experience of Oneness or interconnection with all life and you are ready to embody that deeper experience in your professional life.
  • If you are you working in a position of influence or leadership within an existing business, or are an entrepreneur driven to birth a new enterprise, or are coach or consultant and you want to help lead companies through this critical transformation.
  • If you want be a pioneer in an emerging field of consulting.
  • If you want your work to align with your values.
  • If you want new business opportunities in a burgeoning field that will only become bigger.
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