CBCA Certification for Joe Delaney

Conscious Business Change Agent Certification for Dr. Joe Delaney

Dr. Joe Delaney

As a certified conscious business change agent, Dr Joe specialises in helping individuals and organisations to reduce ‘Boredom and Burnout in Business’. He holds a PhD in Medicine and is a neuroscientist with a big heart. He is also a recognised teacher of Evolutionary and Developmental Psychology and is a renowned authority on the mind-body connection and how ‘what goes on between the ears’ directly affects the heart and vice versa. He is the creator of the IAM Approach to Health and Wellbeing which is essentially a rescue remedy for businesses and organisations to effectively deal with the symptoms of the ever-increasing pressures of modern living that are weighing heavily on individuals and organisations alike. The IAM Approach combines the latest science of cardiac coherence with cutting-edge developments in evolutionary psychology. It is a deliberately developmental, mindfulness-based, stress reduction approach (DD-MBSR) that allows individuals to hack their physiology in order to change their psychology for good. It helps them to rapidly restore emotional balance and clear thinking in order to make cleaner, healthier choices. In business, healthier choices translate into healthier relationships at all levels and over time this creates healthier profits.

Contact Information:

Dr Joe Delaney
Email: drjoedelaney@gmail.com
Tel: +44(0)770 883 2413
Websites: http://theiamapproach.com http://isma.org.uk/business-directory/stress-management/dr-joe-delaney 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IAMapproach 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/drjoedelaney

    Conscious Business Change Agent (CBCA) Project Description:
    The IAM Approach to Health and Wellbeing: The Four Quadrants of Minding Your Own Business

    Project Description:

    My project involved delivering the IAM Approach in three, half-day sessions over a period of three months, to 16 National Health Service middle managers.

    The IAM Approach is a new adventure in the field of stress management. It is based on Integral Theory and uses a conscious approach to re-write the faulty, toxic programmes that drive negative feelings and emotional disturbance, replacing them with a flowing and balanced objectivity. This leads to a calm, cool and collected outlook, which in the simplest of terms, helps individuals to make more healthy decisions and therefore improve the quality of their life and those around them. The programme is designed to help people to clean up their own act and by example, help others to do the same. This, in turn, will help all of us to clean up the planet and restore its natural beauty. Presence, Purpose, People, Planet and Profit…
    Value Proposition:

    The project was a great success and without exception received excellent feedback. Participants reported that they found the techniques reasonably simple once they had practised them for a while and could feel the benefits both physically and mentally. Some also said that their relationships with staff had already improved and they felt hopeful about further improvements in the future.  The course can be offered in various different formats to suit organisational needs.

    Target Audience:

    Businesses and organisations both nationally and internationally who are waking up to the fact that when they encourage employees to work with “what’s strong in them” and not “what’s wrong with them”, then staff at all levels are able to act more purposefully, feel more valued and express what they are naturally good at and as a consequence, find increased joy in the job and gain more enjoyment in their employment.

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