CBCA Certification for Patricia Scott

Conscious Business Change Agent Certification for Patricia Scott

Patricia Scott

I was a Social Worker and Family Therapist in public institutions in Argentina (1991-2003). Feeling stressed and hopeless, I went through a radical waking up, cleaning up and growing up process, which led to my private practice as a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Bach Flower Practitioner since 2005. My growing need to raise awareness in the institutions I used to work in, was fulfilled through the CBI Training in 2016. 

In 2017, through my CBCA Project, I´m extending my service proposition to public institutions and ngo´s in the civil society,, promoting conscious skills, understandings and practices to encourage the delivery of more efficient, empowering services and healthy networking at grassroots level.

Contact Information:

Patricia Scott

    Conscious Business Change Agent (CBCA) Project Description:

    Volver a Ser (Back to Being)

    Project Description:

    Through a metaphysical approach to Integral Theory´s Quadrant Framework, I developed a training model wich provides individual workers, students and/or work teams in public institutions and ngo´s in the civil society with conscious skills, practices and understandigs that promote true wellbeing, efficient service provision and healthy networking, thus generating transformation from within in these settings.
    Value Proposition:

    The CBCA project benefits workers inside public institutions through conscious skills and practices, promoting a mindset shift from the ego to the eco system paradigm, improving the work environment, encouraging healthy cross-sector networking and greater transparency in the use of public funds. The project´s impact spreads to program benefficiaries, who receive more efficient and empowering services.

    Target Audience:

    The project is targeted to workers /students /ngo´s in the public sector and civil society in Bariloche, Argentina.

      If you have questions about the Conscious Business Initiative, Declaration, Training and Certification, or Community of Practice, please e-mail us at cbisupport@humanitysteam.org.
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