CBCA Certification for Paul G. Ward

Conscious Business Change Agent Certification for Paul G. Ward

Paul G. Ward
Paul G. Ward

Paul G. Ward, Ph.D., Founder and President of Future Shapers Florida, is a leadership and life coach, strategy execution consultant, adjunct professor, small business owner, and hot air balloon pilot. With a purpose built around taking people higher in spirit, in business, and in life, Paul helps people who are transforming themselves and their organizations. He has served leaders in large and small organizations in Europe and the Americas as coach, consultant, and high impact event facilitator during periods of major change. 

Paul’s interest in conscious leadership was born out of a passion for values-driven and servant leadership along with a belief in conscious capitalism. Paul wants all employees to wake up eager to get to work and make a difference for their organization, their community, and the world. For Future Shapers Florida, Paul is a Conscious Leadership Coach, a FutureShapers Roundtable Host, an ambassador for Conscious Capitalism Florida, and an accomplished speaker on Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Leadership.

Contact Information:

Paul G. Ward, Ph.D.
Founder and President of Future Shapers Florida
    Conscious Business Change Agent (CBCA) Project Description:
    Wellbeing in the Workplace

    Project Description:

    This project was in cooperation with the Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County, a not for profit organization based in Florida. The purpose of the Mental Health Association is Improving the lives of people touched by mental illness. We do this with advocacy, outreach, and public education. The CEO was project leader and I played the role of expert adviser. I have recently been elected as Chair of the Board of Directors. 

    The Project was developing a package of “Wellbeing in the Workplace” services to be offered to local businesses, with the objective of Improving Health and Wellness in the workplace. We developed a PowerPoint presentation that I shared during my project reviews. 

    The focus of the project was on workplace wellness benchmarking, mindfulness, conscious leadership, and workplace bullying. We have presented to a number of local businesses, always beginning with a moment of mindfulness. Presentations have been well received and we have two companies interested in moving forward.
    Value Proposition:

    This project raised the consciousness of local businesses around employee wellbeing. Evidence demonstrates that poor mental wellness negatively impacts a person’s health, relationships, workplace performance, and lifespan. The bottom line is: healthier employees tend to be happier and more productive employees. The benefits offered included: evaluating employee’s wellness needs, showing how employees compare to national statistics, getting employers connected to wellness experts in the local community and helping show employees that business leaders care about their health and well-being.

    Target Audience:

    Local Businesses

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