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Healthy profit is essential to a conscious business. But when profit becomes the sole indicator of success, dysfunction is sure to follow.

That’s where we are today. The current standard of business isn’t working. It’s not sustainable for life on earth and people are fed up. Businesses do not operate in silos. All of life is interconnected. Everything businesses do impacts people, the environment and the world around them.

While businesses are the biggest source of some of our world’s most challenging problems, they also offer the greatest hope and potential to help solve these problems. Therein lies an amazing opportunity to break through and upend the status quo by adopting a new, conscious business model that creates prosperity and flourishing for all. To do this, businesses must develop both the awareness and skills to consciously evolve their organizations.

Humanity’s Team’s Conscious Business Initiative helps change agents and leaders reinvent their organizations using a structured methodology and a Community of Practice that recognizes the interconnectedness of all life.

The initiative is made up of three key parts:
The Conscious Business Declaration

Jointly created by Humanity’s Team, The Club of Budapest, The Goi Peace Foundation, and the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, the Conscious Business Declaration articulates the seven essential principles to define a new standard for businesses that will dramatically increase economic prosperity while healing the environment and improving human wellbeing.

By signing this declaration, individuals and businesses acknowledge these principles and commit to developing the awareness and skills needed to apply them in their organizations.
Conscious Business Training and Certification

The Conscious Business Training and Certification puts the Declaration into action by teaching people how to institute a conscious business model.

Signatories of the Declaration commit to either undergoing the training themselves or appointing someone in their company to become a Certified Conscious Business Agent. Alternatively, corporate signatories can also commit to hiring a certified Conscious Business Change Agent to lead them through the transformation process.

Once Certified Conscious Business Agents have completed their training, they can go straight to work. They will have the tools they need to transform a business.

Enrollment for the Fall 2016 training is now open. For more information, go here. To receive updates on the training click here.
Conscious Business Community of Practice

People who sign the Declaration have the opportunity to join a vibrant community of business transformation practitioners. The Conscious Business Community of Practice promotes conscious  activism in business. For more information, go here.

Members will participate in specialized forums to share knowledge, form partnerships, and exclusive training programs with leading experts in business transformation

Graduates of the Conscious Business Training and Certification Program enjoy complimentary membership for three months and opportunity to become a certified Certified Conscious Business Agent.
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The Conscious Business Declaration

Sign the Declaration. Join the global community of  leaders committed to business transformation.
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Humanity’s Team Conscious Business Training & Certification

Become trained and certified as a business change agent by visionary leaders and top conscious business practitioners.
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The Emerging Conscious Business Community

Join us. Humanity’s Team strives to accelerate the emergence of a vibrant community of conscious business practitioners.
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Discover more about the Conscious Business Webinars

Hear from leaders about the Conscious Business revolution and how you can become involved. Check out these four webinars hosted by Steve Farrell and John Thomas with Humanity’s Team, with Special guests Ken Wilber, Elisabet Sahtouris, Rev Michael Beckwith, Alan Watkins, and Andrew Harvey!
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If you have questions about the Conscious Business Initiative, Declaration, Training and Certification, or Community of Practice, please e-mail us at
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