Cultural Diversity Declaration

Cultural Diversity Declaration

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Council members committed to changing the way they thought and acted to increase their awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences, and to build cultural diversity and inclusiveness into everything they do.

The first action the council took after agreeing on the declaration was to form a cultural-diversity task team, initially focusing on translation issues, to promote the inclusion of other languages in the creation of worldwide initiatives.

BUENOS AIRES - One of the most far-reaching decisions the Humanity's Team Global Council made during its 2008 annual meeting was to adopt a Declaration of Cultural Diversity.

The declaration, signed by each Global Council member in attendance May 21, 2008 stated:

"I commit to increasing my consciousness of cultural diversity, within my own country as well as around the world, so that my Humanity's Team work and that of my teammates reflect this consciousness. This consciousness includes respect for cultural differences such as language, dress and traditions, the ways societies organize themselves, their values and religions, and the ways they interact with the environment."

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