Desmond Tutu Award 2009

Spiritual Leadership Award 2009 Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, the South African activist who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his international advocacy of a non-violent end to South African apartheid, has received Humanity's Team's Spiritual Leadership Award.
We believe his decision is momentous and catapults the mission of Humanity's Team to a new level of prominence and influence, endorsing our goal of Awakening the World to Oneness. It also affirms all that we've accomplished together in five short years and positions us to extend our efforts in the months and years ahead.

We presented the Spiritual Leadership Award, Humanity's Team's highest honor, to Archbishop Tutu on April 18 at the 2009 global Oneness Summit, sponsored by Humanity's Team, in Pretoria, South Africa. The award has become the standard among global awards for extraordinary demonstrations of inclusive spiritual leadership through one's life lived.

And by "leadership," we don't mean a leader who says, "Let's do it this way." We mean somebody who says, "I'll go first." That takes courage. And that is what Desmond Tutu embodies.

Indeed, Archbishop Tutu, who has demonstrated his spiritual leadership in solving some of the world's most insurmountable challenges, embodies many of the New Spirituality's greatest visions of courage. We are thrilled and honored to give this award to this world leader and deeply honored he has agreed to accept it.
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