Evolution Revolution

Evolution Revolution

The Evolution Revolution is a global movement seeking to bring an awareness to humanity that the problem in the world today is not a political problem, not an economic problem, and not a military problem. The problem in the world today is a spiritual problem, and it can only be solved by spiritual means.

Many—perhaps most—of the challenges we face as a species have been created by the things we believe. Specifically, the things we believe about God, about life, about ourselves and who we are, about our true relationship to God and to each other, and about the purpose of Life Itself.

Our mission is to propose new beliefs about all of these things. Beliefs that could change the world.

Book Club – Weekly discussion group gets together to read and discuss Neale Donald Walsch books. We are currently reading Conversations with God book 1.  We meet for one hour every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 11:00am Los Angeles, California time. Join the Evolution Revolution Facebook group for more information.

Neale Donald Walsch Photo

Neale Donald Walsch

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Nannette KENNEDY 

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