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Humanity's Team is made up of people around the world who believe in a God of unconditional love, who believe We Are All One, and who are committed to creating a world that reflects these beliefs, without making anyone else wrong who believes otherwise. We run almost entirely on volunteer power and invite you to join us!

If you believe your background, skills, time availability and interests are a good fit for one of the positions listed below, then please send an email to volunteer@humanitysteam.org. Contact us if you have any other questions about volunteer positions.

New positions open all the time, so if you don’t see a position matching your interests, please check back again soon!

Skill's Based Volunteering

If you have a specialized skill and would like to volunteer to create a project or implement and lead a program please let us know. Write to recruit@humanitysteam.org

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Humanity’s Team works year-round to produce Global Oneness Day. It is an “Earth Day” for an awakened humanity. Its function is to awaken the whole of humanity to our Oneness with the Divine and all of life, what we and many others consider to be Ultimate Reality. Our volunteer team donates thousands of hours to create Global Oneness Day. You contributions help us continue to convene this program year after year. If this touches your heart and you’d like to contribute to our work please donate. We are registered 501c3 non-profit organizations.

Much gratitude and love to you… YOU are fulfilling our mission of creating a culture of Oneness on this planet simply by being a part of this community and participating in our programs…

We Thank you!

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For other countries, please use PayPal.

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