Living In Oneness Summit

Living in Oneness Summit

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The Living in Oneness Summit focuses on how we can embrace the Divine within so we restore our joy, play, grace and beauty. Our speakers will specifically address how we live as One: in our own life, with our significant other, parenting our children, in the workplace and as a public service leader.

Most people we know are looking for tools to really live as One. There is a sense that our lives can be fuller, our relationships can be more, our parenting can model what Oneness looks like, our workplace can be more spiritually conscious and more alive and our leadership can be based more on authenticity and heart-based action. These are the things our speakers will discuss during the summit.

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Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch - Spiritual Activism in Every Day Life

12/8/16 9:00 AM

In Oneness we are all spiritual activists. Don't miss this important discussion!

Howard Martin

Howard Martin -
The HeartMath Solution

12/15/16 9:00 AM

The HeartMath Solution and HeartMath Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart.

Bruce Lipton and Barbara Marx Hubbard

Bruce Lipton and Barbara Marx Hubbard - Blockbuster Science & Oneness

1/5/17 9:00 AM

We begin 2017 with a blockbuster discussion about Science and Oneness. Join us!

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